4 Tips for a Succesful Christmas Office Party
4 Tips for a Succesful Christmas Office Party
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4 Tips for a Succesful Christmas Office Party

4 Tips for a Succesful Christmas Office Party

Have fun, but make sure you don’t have to suck up after..!

The Christmas time are upon us, and for many it also means a Christmas party with the workplace. Beer has been bought well, which is toasted just right in the hard liquor, and the atmosphere is good. In fact, so good that it’s hard not to get drunk. And of course you have to have fun! But maybe it’s a good idea to keep in mind, after all, that you and your colleagues are with you. Colleagues who you are gonna see again on Monday.

And before you rush to cancel in fear of doing something stupid, don’t worry – we’ve compiled 4 tips for you here so you can get through the Christmas office party without resigning afterwards.

1. Find the Perfect Balance between food and alcohol

We all know it’s not good to drink on an empty stomach, but if you’ve eaten your portion (and maybe more) of roast duck and gravy, then you probably won’t be able to tie draft beer right afterwards. At least not without avoiding the same result as if you put Mentos in Coca Cola Light ..

Yep, we just let it stand for a while ..

It will not benefit, and you have probably ruined your evening. On the one hand, you avoid unnecessarily embarrassing situations (unless someone saw you breaking into thigh-thick rays), but on the other, you also avoid all the fun. Therefore: Find the perfect balance between food and booze.

2. Look out for any hard liquor

It’s not to be avoided: the hard liquor. It always comes on the table, and even if you say no, expect group pressure. it belong to the Christmas party and we won’t let go. That’s why we might as well learn a few simple rules: 1) The hard liquor must be cold if you want to get drunk 2) The hard liquor must be warm if you want to enjoy it. Remember it! Then it should all go well.

3. Don’t “One night stand” one of your Colleagues

First, don’t. Just don’t..

Second: Even if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend at home, the alcohol, the many mistletoes and the good vibe may have the effect of looking a little extra at him/her, the sweet colleague. But honestly, is it worth it? No. If you still fancy, just keep in mind that he/she has just eaten x number of curry salad and onions washed down with hard liquor.

Still fancy?

Third: If you’re single, it’s an assessment thing. Get any help from a slightly more sober, confidential colleague. Have you had a good eye on him/her for a long time? Or is it just because you are drunk? Being with a colleague is not necessarily the worst thing that can happen, but consider whether it is worth it now. It can get pretty awkward in the office on Monday.

4. Remember! These are your Colleagues

Although the mood is loose and everyone is in a good mood, just remember that it is your colleagues after all. That doesn’t mean you have to sit alone in a corner for fear of dumbing down, but maybe just not having to be the first one to jump up on the table and throw the shirt off in a sexy dance. You should see them again on Monday .. Have fun, have fun, but just make sure you don’t have to resign afterwards ..


Please remember to drink responsibly! This post is not intended to promote excessive or irresponsible drinking. PartyPingo does not condone underage drinking, drinking and driving, or any form of reckless alcohol consumption. Stay safe and know your limits.

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