Back to the future 3 Drinking Game
Back to the future 3 Drinking Game - Disclaimer
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Back to the Future 3 Drinking Game

Back to the Future 3 Drinking Game

Short about the movie

In this last chapter, Marty McFly receives a 70-year-old message from the time-consuming dr. Emmett Brown informs Marty that he has retired to a small city in Old West. Unfortunately, Marty finds out that the dock was assassinated shortly after sending the letter. To save his friend, Marty must travel back in time, dismiss a lovestruck Doc from a local school mother, and repair DeLorean – all while avoiding a range of gunslingers.

You need

Drinking Rules

Drink when:

  • Someone says, “Doc.”
  • Someone shoots a gun.
  • Marty gets called a chicken
  • Someone looks at a picture
  • Someone says, “Marty.”
  • Someone says “Clint Eastwood” or “Eastwood.”

Drink twice when:

  • It hits 88 miles per hour
  • Someone time travels
  • Trains can fly

Happy drinking and Cheers!


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