Death Note Drinking Game
Death Note Drinking Game - Disclaimer / TMDB

Death Note Drinking Game

Death Note Drinking Game

Short about the Series

Light Yagami is an average, undistinguished college student until he discovers an odd notebook lying on the ground. He soon discovers that the notebook has magic powers: If someone’s name is written on it while the writer imagines that person’s face, they will die. So light kills those he deems unworthy of life, intoxicated with his new godlike power. But a mysterious detective known only as L becomes determined to put a stop to his reign.

You need

Drinking Rules

Drink when:

  • Light goes Crazy
  • Ryuk eats an apple
  • Someone uses the Shinigami eyes
  • Someone dies
  • Light writes in the Death Note
  • Light has a new plan
  • Someone says, “Light.”
  • Someone says “L.”

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