Dragon Ball Z Drinking Game

Dragon Ball Z Drinking Game

Short about the Series

Living large and loving life, Po realizes that he has a lot to learn if he’s going to fulfill the next challenge from his beloved instructor. After reuniting with his long-lost father, Po must Dragon Ball Z opening title card in the original Japanese version Dragon Ball Z follows the adventures of the adult Goku who, along with his companions, defends the earth against an assortment of villains ranging from intergalactic space fighters and conquerors, unnaturally powerful androids and near indestructible.

You need

Drinking Rules

Drink when:

  • A Speciel move is used (Kamehameha, Final Flash, Galick Gun ETC)
  • Goku is eating or sleeping
  • Someone eat a senzu bean
  • Someone calls Goku for “Kakarot”
  • You see a dragonball
  • Freiza, Cell or Buu are mentioned

Happy Drinking and Cheers!

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