Evil Dead Drinking Game
Evil Dead Drinking Game - Disclaimer

Evil Dead Drinking Game

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Evil Dead Drinking Game

Short about the Movie

Ashley “Ash” Williams, his girlfriend and three pals hike into the woods to a cabin for a fun night away. There they find an old book, the Necronomicon, whose text reawakens the dead when it’s read aloud. The friends inadvertently release a flood of evil and must fight for their lives or become one of the evil dead. Ash watches his friends become possessed, and must make a difficult decision before daybreak to save his own life in this, the first of Sam Raimi’s trilogy.

You need

Drinking Rules

Drink when:

  • You see the book (The Necronomicon)
  • Someone gets screams
  • Someone say “Ash” or “Ashly”
  • Someone loses a body part

Drink twice when:

  • Someone dies

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