Rambo - Last Blood Drinking Game

Rambo: Last Blood Drinking Game

Rambo: Last Blood Drinking Game

Short about the Movie

Vietnam War veteran John Rambo tries to find some semblance of peace by raising horses on a ranch in Arizona. He’s also developed a special familial bond with a woman named Maria and her teenage granddaughter Gabriela. But when a vicious Mexican cartel kidnaps Gabriela, Rambo crosses the border on a bloody and personal quest to rescue her and punish those responsible.

You need

  • Rambo: Last Blood
  • Lots of beer

Drinking Rules

Drink when:

  • Someone says “John”
  • Someone dies
  • Rambo rides a horse
  • You see a montage

Drink twice when:

  • Someone says “Rambo”

Happy Drinking and Cheers!


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