Robocop 3 Drinking Game

Robocop 3 Drinking Game
Robocop 3 Drinking Game - Disclaimer / TMDB

Robocop 3 Drinking Game

Short about the Movie

Greedy corporation Omni Consumer Products is determined to begin development on its dream project, Delta City, which will replace the derelict Detroit. To achieve this end, O.C.P. is employing armed forces to bully residents out of the city, under the guise that they are just doing their part to reduce crime and root out thugs. After RoboCop joins the civilian resistance, he sustains severe injuries but recovers to battle advanced ninja robots developed by O.C.P.

You need

Drinking Rules

Drink when:

  • Someone dies
  • There is an explosion
  • The Ninja shows up
  • Someone says “Cop” or “Robocop”
  • There is a one liner

Happy Drinking and Cheers!

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