Saw 4 Drinking Game
Saw 4 Drinking Game - Disclaimer

Saw 4 Drinking Game

Saw 4 Drinking Game

Short about the Movie

During the autopsy of serial killer Jigsaw, a cassette tape is discovered in his stomach in which he warns that his gory games will continue. Sure enough, SWAT Lt. Daniel Rigg is forced to follow a blood-drenched trail of torture, dismemberment and death in order to find two missing colleagues. A pair of FBI profilers follow Riggs, suspecting he might be Jigsaw’s accomplice, even as they unlock the puzzle of the killer’s origins, seen in gruesome flashbacks.

You need

Drinking Rules

Drink when:

  • There is a flashback
  • You see the Billy Puppet
  • Someone says “Game”
  • Someone says “Jigsaw”

Drink twice when:

  • Someone dies

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