Scrubs Drinking Game
Scrubs Drinking Game - Disclaimer / TMDB

Scrubs Drinking Game

Scrubs Drinking Game

Short about the Series

Set in the fictitious Sacred Heart Hospital, the show follows the professional life of John Dorian, a young doctor struggling to move his medical career forward as he deals with the hospital’s eccentric staff, unpredictable patients, and absurd situations.

You need

Drinking Rules

Drink when:

  • “Hooch is crazy.”
  • JD called a girl’s name.
  • JD calls Turk “chocolate bear” or some variation.
  • Carla defends her Latina roots.
  • Elliot gets high pitched.
  • Elliot uses a ‘code word’ for genitals, i.e. bajingo, hoo hoo, etc.
  • Turk dances.
  • Turk pisses Carla off.
  • Dr. Cox touches his nose.
  • Dr. Cox elongates a word.
  • Laverne mentions Jesus.
  • Janitor pretends to be somebody else.
  • Janitor injures JD
  • Todd makes a sex joke.
  • Todd high fives.
  • Kelso says something inappropriate.
  • Kelso gets a free muffin.
  • Kelso mentions cheating on Enid.
  • Rowdy is mentioned/seen.
  • Dan says “Hey little brother!”
  • You feel like crying.
  • A famous actor does a guest star i.e. Dick Van Dyke, Michael J. Fox
  • A Colin Hay song plays.
  • A Joshua Radin song plays.
  • Dr. Beardface corrects someone on his name.
  • Dr. Mickhead says something terrifying.

Happy Drinking and Cheers!

Drinking Rules from Reddit


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