Shrek Drinking Game
Shrek Drinking Game - Disclaimer
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Shrek The Drinking Game

Shrek Drinking Game

Short about the movie

Once upon a time in a swamp far, far away, a troll named Shrek, whose precious loneliness was interrupted by an intruding fairy tail character. They were all banished from the kingdom by the evil Lord Farquaad. Firmly determined to save his home Shrek deals with Farquaad to rescue Princess Fiona.

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Drinking Rules

Get drunk while watching your favorite animated Troll and Donkey go on an adventure – What else is there to live?

Drink when:

  • Someone says, “Shrek.”
  • Shreks, farts or burps
  • Someone says “Ogre.”
  • Someone sings
  • Lord Farquaad is mentioned (double if height is too)
  • Someone says, “Swamp.”
  • Someone eats or drinks.


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