The Birds Drinking Game
The Birds Drinking Game - Disclaimer / TMDB
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The Birds Drinking Game

The Birds Drinking Game

Short about the Movie

Melanie Daniels meets Mitch Brenner in a San Francisco pet store and decides to follow him home. She brings with her the gift of two love birds and they strike up a romance. One day birds start attacking children at Mitch’s sisters party. A huge assault starts on the town by attacking birds.

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Drinking Rules

Drink when:

  • Someone says “Bird”
  • Someone dies
  • Birds attack a person
  • You see a large flock of Birds
  • Someone screams or cries
  • A Bird species are mentioned
  • Glass is shattered

Happy Drinking and Cheers!

Drinking rules inspired by Cheers to Fears.

Remember to check out ā€œCheers to Fearsā€ Youtube channel!


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