The Disaster Artist Drinking Game
The Disaster Artist Drinking Game - Disclaimer

The Disaster Artist Drinking Game

The Disaster Artist Drinking Game

Short about the movie

With ‘The Disaster Artist’, James Franco transforms the tragicomic true story of the aspiring film maker and the infamous Hollywood outsider Tommy Wiseau – an artist whose passion was as sincere as his methods were questionable – for a party of friendship, artistic expression and dreams fought against insurmountable odds. Based on Greg Sestero’s best-selling tale of making Tommy’s cool classic disaster party The Room, The Disaster Artist, is a hilarious and welcome reminder that there is more than one way to become a legend – and no limit to what You can achieve when you absolutely do not have an idea of what you are doing

You need

Drinking Rules

Drink when:

  • Someone says “Greg”
  • Tommy starts laughing
  • Tommy wears sunglasses
  • Someone says “The Room” or “Tommy”

Drink 3 times when:

  • You memorize some of the iconic scenes
  • Someone plays football

Happy drinking and Cheers!


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