Top 9 New Years Drinking Games
Top 9 New Years Drinking Games - Disclaimer / Photo by cottonbro studio
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Top 9 New Years Drinking Games

Top 9 New Years Drinking Games

Everyone come together and prepare to have a good time, and maybe even get a little tipsy. Why not do it with some fun alcoholic beverages?

Here are 9 fun drinking games to check out together with your pals on New Year’s Eve, courtesy of Ask Reddit, so you won’t have to worry about coming up with anything to do even if you have no thoughts. Try out at least one of these, you won’t regret it.

1. Chandeliers

A giant glass of beer serves as the centerpiece, with individual beer glasses arranged around it.

If the quarter falls in someone’s glass during the bouncing round, they must drink it.

If you hit the middle glass, you have to drink your beer as fast as you can while holding it upside down over your head. The large glass in the middle is for the last person who has it on her head.

A sluggish player may opt out of drinking and just dump the alcohol over her head by inverting the glass over her head. It’s getting late in the game, and this kind of thing always occurs.

2. Hockey

Gather a small group of friends (four to five is excellent) around a coffee table. Ideally spherical.

There’s beer for everyone. That’s the limit of your protection. As a “stick,” you may use any 2 fingers on the non-dominant side. Coins are used as the “puck” in this metaphor.

Everyone must place their stick on their net to begin. The puck is whirled around the table by a single participant. A person at the table is randomly selected once the wheel begins to spin. Afterward, we may all put away our swords. A player whose name has been called swings at the puck, hoping to deflect it off of one of the goal posts. You get a drink if the puck gets past your goalie. If your name was called, you get to spin the puck next.

The puck is considered to be in play after it has been shot. Anyone can strike it if it hits a netting or a stick and continues spinning. There are several opportunities for a score to be assigned to you.

Penalties include being sent to the penalty box for actions such as spinning the puck so far that it goes flying off the table, putting your stick down too soon, spilling someone’s drink, or engaging in physical violence. If you go to the penalty area, you have to sit out for the rest of the game. In an attempt to score as many times as possible, players would usually shoot towards the open net.

3. Arrogance

Beer, an emptied pitcher, and perhaps a deck of cards are all you need to play this game. Bets are placed into an unfilled pitcher by selecting either red or black chips. In the event that you are correct, you get to keep the beer and send the individual next to you packing. You have to down whatever is in the pitcher if you’re incorrect. Furthermore, you keep continuing until you get the desired shade.

Getting drunk quickly is a must, thus my pals and I do this. I once had a streak of four consecutive accurate predictions snapped right at the conclusion. Even by today’s standards, last night was a peculiar one.

4. The Whisper Game

The group chooses a member to answer the question, but only if enough people want to participate. You’ll never find out the solution if you don’t imbibe. Thus, you have the option of feeling left out or chugging down some alcohol to quell your curiosity.

Top 9 New Years Drinking Games
Top 9 New Years Drinking Games – Disclaimer / Photo by Sean-Paul McKee

5. Pizza Box

Each person takes a pizza box or empty beer crate and paints a circle around his or her name.

A quarter is tossed onto the box by the opening player. If the die falls on a name, that person must have a drink, and play passes to the next person in line.

When the quarter falls on an empty square, the player creates a rule by writing it on the square and drawing a circle around it, which may be whatever size they choose. Someone must follow the rule for which their quarter rests inside the circle.

Each player gets to flip a quarter once before moving on to the next player. You proceed until all available space inside the box has been filled with rules. Shotgunning a drink or calling a player’s mother are just two examples of the increasingly offbeat rules that are commonplace.

6. Whatā€™s My Problem?

After one person leaves the room, the remaining participants discuss and decide upon their greatest individual concern.

The individual goes back to their room and is given hints about what could be wrong with them; if they guess incorrectly, they must down a drink.

Do I overwork on the job front?


Have I moved on from my breakup?


My relying on parents continues.


7. The Forehead Master

This concept is quite identical to the thumb master, except that your forehead serves as the master rather than your thumb. If you’re the last one to put your forehead on the table, you have to take a sip. The prevalence of concussions increases after a few drinks, as does the frequency with which individuals bang their skulls.

8. Fingers

Step 1: Obtain a large glass. 

Step 2: Combine everyone’s drinks in this glass to make a monstrous brew out of beer, hard liqueurs, wine, etc. 

Step 3: You have everyone put a finger on the glass and count to three as you go around the circle. Fourth, when the timer reaches the count of three, participants may either withdraw their fingers from the glass or leave them contacting the rim. The person whose round it is then has to predict how many fingers are still on the glass.

If the guess is right, that player is eliminated. If they’re mistaken, they stay and the next guy goes. Repeat until just one person is left and they have to down the whole glass.

9. Countdown

10 p.m.

For the Argentine New Year’s celebration, give your buddies a shot of Fernet, a tar-colored liquor, and watch their faces when they take their first sip.

11 p.m.

Time is almost up! By now, if you’ve been following along, you should indeed be suitably sated with New Year’s joy in the shape of copious quantities of champagne and a broad variety of exotic spirits. Caribbean New Year celebrations often include a last drink of rum, either in a cocktail or drank neat.

12 a.m.

You all yell “10…9…8…” a bit too rapidly and out of tune with each other until someone finally says “Happy New Year!” Dropping the ball causes confetti and champagne to spray forth. The prospect of something fresh and exciting causes you to smash pots and pans and shout loudly. It’s time to celebrate the fact that you’ve made it through another year of life with a beverage.


Please remember to drink responsibly! This post is not intended to promote excessive or irresponsible drinking. PartyPingo does not condone underage drinking, drinking and driving, or any form of reckless alcohol consumption. Stay safe and know your limits.

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