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7 Things you can’t go without at a Festival

Things you can’t go without at a Festival

7 Things you can't go without at a Festival

7 Things you can’t go without at a Festival

We are so much looking forward to the spring, summer and late summer festivals. There is a very special atmosphere when you are at a festival and you can just settle down with good music, drinks, the best people and delicious food. We’ve compiled a list of things that are important to have at your fingertips when you’re at a festival:

1. Phone

Often you forget to take some nice pictures when you are in your festival zone. However, it is so cool when you get home to have some good pictures to remember the cool experiences with – therefore it is important that your phone has a super camera. A lot of phones now has a pretty good camera, so if your planning on buying a Festival Phone, go after a cheaper model than your primary phone.

See some Cheap Cellphones here!

But if you are a picture fanatic then the Samsung Galaxy S9 and
Samsung Galaxy S8 from the Samsung Galaxy series are a perfect bet on the phone and camera all in one, so you can easily snap some delicious photos; that Instagram doesn’t update itself, does it?

2. Powerbank

There may be a long way between the charging stations at the festival, and you really don’t want to leave your phone too long at a time, so of course you need a Powerbank. Pay a little extra and buy one of them that holds up well, you will be happy. If its an outside festival you are going to, you could invest in a Powerbank with solar power, so it would be able to change anywhere on the Festival.

3. Sunglasses

Do we need to elaborate at all? We love sunglasses and it just sets the tone of your festival look with a pair of fabulous sunglasses. But keep your sunglasses cheap. Check out some Colorful Festivals Sunglasses here!

4. Hand Sanitizer

Let’s be honest, one may not always be the best at keeping the whole hygiene show running at a festival. Although, of course, you always wash your hands after going to the bathroom, it is super smart just to have a handshake in your bag. Then you can have the worst dirt removed before you put your teeth in your pork roast sandwich. Get yourself some Hand Sanitizers here.

5. Sunscreen

We always aim for good weather when we go to the festival and when the sun comes – of course! – standing high in the sky and you spend all day out, it’s super important to remember sunscreen. A small, high factor facial sunscreen is a must in your bag. Get yourself some Sunscreen here!

6. Lip Balm

It may seem like a silly “must-have”, but the fact is that there is nothing worse than having dry lips that begins to crack. In addition, lip balms are also available with a solar factor, so you can be sure that your lips will not become sunburnt and start burning. Get yourself a Lip Balm here!

7. Waist Bag / Fanny Pack

On a Festival its often good to have a practical bag to carry your things. That’s where a Waist Bag comes in. Waist bag is a practical thing to have on a Festival. A lot of the above things on the list could be fit in the bag.

Get your Festival Fanny Pack here!

Have a Good Festival!

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How to keep your Drinks Cold on a Festival

Nothing better than Cold Beer!

How to keep your Drinks Cold on a Festival

How to keep your Drinks Cold on a Festival

When you are going to a festival, there are many things that you should have control over before you leave. This can include power for the mobile, proper clothing for the weather, food storage and drinks and not least the tent.

Let’s focus on possibly the most important thing at the festival, which is your drinks!

Beer, cider, soda and various bottles should preferably be kept cold over a festival. But it can be quite difficult when the refrigerator bag and freezer items have given up after the first day or two. But luckily for you, there are several ways you can cool your beverages, and we will cover them here.

Dig a hole in the ground

Here you will also need a box of flamingo or a plastic container as seen above. Make your own underground fridge just by digging a hole in the ground where you put the container. The container works perfectly as a refrigerator as there is a lot of air between its otherwise thick surfaces. This keeps the cold and ensures that the heat isn’t let in.

The Simpel version just requires a shovel, a flamingo box and a couple of strong arms to dig a sizable hole.

Use Dry ice to cold them down

You know it well. Dry ice is what looks extremely cool when you walk into the disco and have bought a tub of delicious drink for the evening. But besides the fact that dry ice looks glossy and makes you look like you’re cooking your Breezers, dry ice will cool your gracious beers to perfection.

Dry ice should preferably be stored in a box, which is typically how you receive them when you buy them. This box is made of flamingo, and this is because flamingo is the material that can withstand the fierce cool effect of dry ice.

Wet paper towel around your beer trick

Image result for cooling beer with wet paper towel

It’s as simple as the others. Take a sheet, some big football socks or something completely third (preferably some cotton), wet it and wrap your alcohol in it. Then leave it in the shade and you will get some delicious cold drinks.

This is because your alcohol will not be affected by the heat (if it is a good summer day) and thus only affected by the wind. The wind and wet matter will automatically produce a lower temperature which you can advantageously utilize.

Small pool with Beers

Palm Tree Oasis Party Cooler

In fact, this is just about having a small bathtub and filling it with water. Don’t bathe in it, though it may seem tempting now, but just throw your drinks in it. Get your own PALM TREE OASIS PARTY COOLER here!

Here you will also be able to keep your beers cool, but not quite as cool as the other methods. At least not if the sun is bright and the basin is out in the sun all day.

Now you should have some tricks up your sleeve for the festival. So when you’re with your team, you’ve set up your base and are ready for the festivities, you can now bring some cheap plus points home with these beer cooling tricks.

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