8 Genius Smartphone Tricks at a Festival
8 Genius Smartphone Tricks at a Festival

8 Genius Smartphone Tricks at a Festival

8 Genius Smartphone Tricks at a Festival

Do you and your Smartphone need to survive the festival?

We made a list for 8 good tricks you need to know, for your Smartphone to survive a festival.

1. Place your smartphone in a plastic bag that are close-able. Then it will be protected from the dirt and rain, that you might experience on a festival.

2. Take screenshots of important information. It will help you save power when you can just look it up on a screenshot, rather than using the internet to find it over and over again.

3. Change to airplane mode, when the phone is charging. Then it will charge much faster.

4. Set your lock-screen image to your name and emergency phone. Then if you drop it, people will be able to contact you and give your phone back.

5. Take a photo of the map. If the festival is a big place, and you don’t know your way around, then it would be a good idea to take a photo of the map just in case you get lost.

6. Cover the Microphone at a concert. This will provide better sound, and it help keep your awful singing voice out of any recorded footage.

7. Take perfect selfies. We recommend using your friends phone light to save power for your own selfies.

8. Spam the photo button. Take a lot of pictures in a row, and hope some of them are a good picture of your favorite artist.

Have a good festival!


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