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Drunken Twister Drinking Game

Drunken Twister Drinking Game

Short about the Game

Twister is a game of physical skill, produced by Milton Bradley Company and Winning Moves that have been inducted into the American National Toy Hall of Fame. … In a two-player game, no two people can have a hand or foot on the same circle; the rules are different for more players.

You need

How to play:

Drunken twister is played as the regular game with the twist that the first player who fails drinks four times, the next drinks 3 times, etc., after a few laps, your balance becomes worse. In addition, everyone drinks every time you have to put a foot/hand on the green. Physical violence is not allowed along the way. Not as a starting point anyway.

Bonus Rule: This game can be made a little more fun by mixing several things, such as shots when placing a hand or foot on yellow, throwing a piece of clothing when placing a hand or foot on blue, etc.

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