Hangover Stages: How Rough is Your Hangover?
Hangover Stages: How Rough is Your Hangover? - Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Hangover Stages: How Rough is Your Hangover?

Unraveling Hangover Stages: How Are You Holding Up?

Hangovers come in various shades, from manageable discomfort to sheer agony. Let’s break down the stages:

1st Degree Hangover

No significant pain or illness, just a restless night’s sleep and surplus energy. Despite functioning relatively well, you’re perpetually thirsty. You’re craving a greasy burger and loads of fries from McDonald’s.

2nd Degree Hangover

No apparent pain, but something’s amissā€”your brain feels as small as a paperclip. Even sips of coffee worsen your unsettled stomach. Attempting to eat proves futile, leaving you puzzled by your condition.

3rd Degree Hangover

A slight headache and an uneasy stomach render you unproductive. Passing scents trigger nausea, reminding you of the shots consumed early morning. You’re longing for bed, chips, Coke, and TV. Despite consuming copious liquids, the restroom remains untouched.

4th Degree Hangover

Life feels dreadful! A pounding headache slows speech; a sense of impending nausea prevails. Your boss reprimanded you for tardiness and lectured on responsible drinking. Though dressed well, your makeup attempt falls short. Bloodshot eyes and an 80s-style hairdo reveal the night’s aftermath.

5th Degree Hangover

Dante’s 4th Circle of Hell! Intense headaches annoy others, vodka emanates from your pores, and dental hygiene attempts leave residual toothpaste. Your mouth dries out, while amnesia clouds the nightā€”strangers in beds included.

6th Degree Hangover

Dubbed “The Eternal Nutcracker.” Awakening on the bathroom floor, you ponder if the cold sensation is tile or vomit. Your roommate, equally incapacitated, somehow rose before you. Moving feels impossible. You discover a smoke-infused aromaā€”a night of heavy smoking surfaces.

A mirror reveals a “Ready to Rock” stamp on your forehead. Work beckons, but your mind fixates on “Bananas in Pajamas” and your inviting bed.


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