The Worlds Hangover Cures
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The Worlds Hangover Cures

Unlocking the Secrets of Hangover Cures Across the Globe

Ever wondered how different cultures tackle those dreaded hangovers? From Vegemite in Australia to saunas in Russia, diverse countries have unique approaches to combating the morning-after misery. Discover some fascinating hangover remedies from around the world that might just help you shake off that post-party headache.


Down Under, Vegemite, a dense dark brown food paste made from brewers’ yeast extract, takes center stage. Spread it on toast to benefit from its high vitamin and salt content, believed to aid in hangover relief. Ironically, a hangover cure from a beer byproduct seems fitting.


In Germany, a curious concoction of bananas and red meat is embraced. Bananas offer essential B vitamins while red meat soothes the stomach. Perhaps it’s no worry if you’ve indulged in authentic German beer—a hangover might not even be on the horizon.


Italians turn to a strong homemade espresso to combat hangovers. This caffeine jolt is considered a go-to solution to alleviate the discomfort. Yet, caution surfaces from recent studies warning about the potential liver impact of consuming excessive caffeine while processing alcohol.

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Umeboshi serves as Japan’s hangover remedy, renowned for improving digestion after a night of sake indulgence. Often consumed alone or with green tea, other alternatives in Japan range from miso soup to fresh water clams.


Korea’s solution, Haejangguk, translates to “soup to chase a hangover.” This hearty soup, featuring pork spines, coagulated ox blood, dried cabbage, and assorted vegetables in a robust beef broth, comes in various regional variations.


Tripe, the lining of a cow’s stomach, spiced with chili powder, garlic, and more, is a favored Hispanic hangover cure known as Menudo. Sometimes, the stomach might contain the cow’s last meal—an extra “special” touch.


Russian hangover combat involves frequenting a sauna. The belief is that alternating between steam rooms and cold water helps purge toxins from the body, serving as a holistic cleanser.

The Netherlands

The Dutch have a straightforward strategy—cure beer with more beer! Embracing alcohol to counter alcohol isn’t unique to the Netherlands; in Switzerland, brandy with a dash of peppermint is a popular choice.

These global hangover remedies offer intriguing insights into diverse cultural approaches to dealing with the morning-after blues. While some might seem unusual, each remedy reflects a unique blend of tradition, belief, and practicality in tackling the notorious hangover.


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