7 Myths about Hangover - Truth or False
7 Myths about Hangover - Truth or False

7 Myths about Hangover – Truth or False?

7 Myths about Hangover – Truth or False?

You get more hangovers if you mix different types of alcohol, in return it helps to drink a large glass of water before bed. Or what?

The worst hangovers can be prevented if you follow a few good tips. But which of the many well-known allegations of alcohol and hangover actually make a difference, and which are pure drunken talk?

Doctor and lecturer Jerk W. Langer reviews seven widespread claims here and tells us what is up and down when it comes to hangovers.

1. If you drink alcohol clean, you get fewer hangovers

Correct. Since pure ethanol contains almost no methanol (wood liquor) or congener substances, it gives fewer hangovers. The headache and thirst are the same, but the discomfort in the body may feel less pronounced. Another option is to stick to vodka.

2. Dark alcohol gives more hangover

Correct. Dark colored drinks such as cognac and red wine give more hangovers than light drinks, such as white wine, gin and vodka. Experiments show that carpenters become almost twice as hard when drinking whiskey instead of vodka. Dark drinks contain more methanol (wood liquor) as well as more congener substances that are formed during manufacture and are only partially removed by distillation. Therefore, a dark drink like cognac gives the worst hangover followed by red wine, rum, whiskey, white wine, gin, vodka and finally pure ethanol.

3. Drinking water before going to bed discourages hangovers

Correct. The best way to prevent the worst hangover is to drink some glasses of water just before bedtime and to supplement with a few headache pills. Fluid deficiency is the main cause of the thunderous headache because the brain actually shrinks a little. So put a glass of water ready by the bed even before you leave, so you have a final drink before bed.

4. The hangover can be sweated out during exercise

False. It’s the other way around, because you’re just draining for even more fluid, and then the headache gets worse. Take a walk in the fresh air instead.

5. You get more hangovers if you mix different types of alcohol

Maybe.. This is typically said, but how much there really is about not mixing beer and wine, for example, is doubtful.

6. Food with lots of fat and salt helps the hangover the next day

Correct. A good meal can relieve the hangover. For example, if you eat a chicken with pasta or a few sandwiches a few hours after drinking alcohol, more blood will flow through the liver. Then, alcohol burn increases by about 30 percent, experiments show.

7. Women get worse hangovers than men

Correct. For biological reasons, women can tolerate less alcohol than men and therefore also get bigger hangovers. Partly, alcohol is distributed in a smaller part of her body, which is why concentration increases. Partly, the man breaks down more alcohol into the stomach so that it does not enter the body at all.

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