Good Advice to Avoid Hangovers
Good Advice to Avoid Hangovers - Disclaimer / Pexels

Good Advice to Avoid Hangovers

Good Advice to Avoid Hangovers

New year parties are amazing!

Unfortunately, the day after such a fantastic party, the hangovers tend to be just as cruel as the party was fun. Therefore, we have gathered ten pieces of advice on what you can do during and after the party to avoid hangovers.

  1. Be sure to drink water while drinking alcohol. You have probably heard this many times before, but it helps to ensure that your fluid balance is not damaged – and you are guaranteed to be happy the next day!
  2. For the same reason, we recommend that you drink two glasses of water before going to bed after the party.
  3. Stick to soft drinks, such as white wine, schnapps, vodka, and gin. Light liquids contain fewer sulfides (a less toxic chemical element of alcohol that gives it its characteristic properties) that contribute to hangovers.
  4. Stick to one type of alcohol. When you mix too many kinds of spirits, you also increase the content of various “toxins,” affecting how the body is dehydrated.
  5. Feel free to eat along the way while drinking. That way, you absorb less alcohol in your body.
  6. If you are one of the raw ones, you can also stick a finger in your throat and vomit when you get home in the evening. It empties the stomach of the alcohol that is left.
  7. Also, drink a lot of water when you wake up the next day. A sports drink is also good because it contains both minerals and salt. If you do not have a sports drink, you can put a little salt in a soda.
  8. Grab a nap. Splashes interfere with your sleep.
  9. While a burger and fries can be tempting in the morning, you should take fatty foods in moderation as they can make nausea worse. Bananas, soup, and yogurt are much better.
  10. Choose headache pills with paracetamol, the most gentle on the stomach.


Please remember to drink responsibly! This post is not intended to promote excessive or irresponsible drinking. PartyPingo does not condone underage drinking, drinking and driving, or any form of reckless alcohol consumption. Stay safe and know your limits.

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