Happy Endings Drinking Game
Happy Endings Drinking Game

Happy Endings Drinking Game

Happy Endings Drinking Game

Short about the Series

Happy EndingsĀ follows the dysfunctional adventures of six best friends living inĀ Chicago: “crazy-in-love” married couple, businessman overachiever Brad and his neurotic perfectionist wife Jane; ditzy Alex, a happy-go-lucky boutique owner and Jane’s younger sister; daydreamer Dave, an aspiring restaurateur and food truck owner who used to be engaged to Alex; slacker manchild Max, who struggles with trying to hold a job and maintaining a consistent relationship; and serial dating single girl Penny, who fears she is forever doomed for spinsterhood and on an eternal search for Mr. Right.

You need

  • Happy Endings
  • Lots of beer

Drinking Rules

Drink when:

  • Someone talks about sex
  • Someone says “Happy Endings”
  • Penny talks about men
  • Someone drinks
  • You see the food truck
  • Alex does or says something stupid

Drink twice when:

  • Celebrity cameo!

Happy Drinking and Cheers!


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