5 ways to sneak alcohol into a festival
5 ways to sneak alcohol into a festival

5 Ways to Sneak Alcohol into a Festival

5 Ways to Sneak Alcohol into a Festival

Festival season is upon us. While it means good music, good food and some great people, it also means beer and wine at an overpriced price. If you prefer to bring your own booze to the festivals this year, these products can help. We here at Partypingo have found 5 ways to sneak alcohol into the festival.

See the list below:

1. Bracelet Flask

Instead of carrying a regular all-day flask that should be hidden somewhere on you, you can opt for this flask bracelet. It comes in different colors and with a funnel, so its easy to pour your favorite booze in.

See it here: Bracelet Flask

2. Sunscreen Flask

If you’re going to a open air summer festival, chances are you’ll be out in the sun for most of the day. This means having sunscreen in your bag is a perfectly sensible thing for the security of the festival to see, and you get your booze in no time.

See it here: Sunscreen Flask

3. Smartphone Flask

It’s definitely not suspicious to bring your phone to a festival. This mobile pocket tag looks like an iPhone, but actually holds just over 100ml of booze.

See it here: Smartphone Flask

4. Umbrella Flask

This one works better if there is actually a chance of rain (We live in Denmark, there are high chances), but it is also your best bet if you try to sneak the most alcohol into the festival grounds. This can contain over 350 ml (just over a can of beer).

See it here: Umbrella Flask

5. Tampon Flask

This is more for the girls, while it would be weird for a guy if the security found them in his bag. But if you are a girl this is one that the regular security guard will not ask for. Tampon shots can contain the same as a shot in town.

See it here: Tampon Shots


Please remember to drink responsibly! This post is not intended to promote excessive or irresponsible drinking. PartyPingo does not condone underage drinking, drinking and driving, or any form of reckless alcohol consumption. Stay safe and know your limits.

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