How to Play Fives
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How to Play Fives Drinking Game

Fives Drinking Game

A drinking game that requires nothing other than a couple of mates, Fives works best with 5 or 6 players but anymore than 3 will work. Also this game is simple when you get going but might be a bit difficult to explain so bare with us.

The aim of the game is to guess the total value of fingers showing on everyoneā€™s hands when itā€™s your turn, players have the choice of showing 0 or 5 fingers, therefore in a game with 5 players the possible values are multiples of 5 between 0-25.

Players must get round in a circle and take it in turns to count 3,2,1 and then guess a number at the same time everyone including the player guessing must show their hand either a 0 or 5. Count up, and if they got it wrong they have to have a drink however if they did get it right they must not celebrate and without smiling or laughing have to say the words ā€œThank you very much for a lovely game of Fivesā€ whilst looking others players in the eye, if they do it well enough they are safe and are no longer part of the game but if fail (the other players can judge this) they are still in and the game continues as normal.

The game continues until only one player is left and they have to do a forfeit, often a dirty pint or could make themĀ Ride The Bus.

This game relies on people paying at least some attention and is best when played quickly to keep the rhythm going, so keep this in mind.


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