Ride the Bus Drinking Game
Ride the Bus Drinking Game - Photo by Dids
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How to Play Ride the Bus

Ride the Bus Drinking Game

This game is often used as a forfeit for losing other games like Pyramid but can also be played on its own

Lay the cards face down in a 1-2-3-2-1 formation, each row is assigned a drink value starting at 1 drink on the first row up to 5 at the top.

Ride the Bus Formation Drinking Game
Ride the Bus Formation Drinking Game – Photo by Partypingo

The player must try to get from one side of the cards to the other avoiding high cards (10, J, Q, K or A) they do this by staring at one end and turning a card over in each following row until they reach the end if they select a high card they must go back to the start and depending on which row they failed, drink between 1-5 sips. New cards from the pack are dealt over the top of the turned cards and the player has another go, this continues until they get to the end without turning a high card.

Variations of this game are changing the amount of cards used to change the difficulty or ignoring the high card rule and just getting the player to pick higher or lower before each new card is turned.


Please remember to drink responsibly! This post isn’t meant to make you sick due to the over-consumption of alcohol. PartyPingo does not encourage irresponsible drinking of any kind. Stay safe, everyone!

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