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LCS Drinking Game

Pick a player and let him lead you to victory (or drunkenness!)

LCS Drinking Game

The LCS is just around the corner and what better way to watch the playoffs than with friends and BEER!

What you need

  • A bottle of spirits
  • Mixer of preference
  • LCS Stream 

The Rules

Each person picks a designated player to represent them, and a team to back.

  • Each time your player gets a kill, you give a drink. If your player is a support or jungler, give a drink for either an assist or a kill.
  • Each time your player dies, you take a drink.
  • Each time your team takes an objective (tower, dragon, baron, inhibitor), the opposing team takes a drink.
  • Every 100 cs your player gets, you give a drink (35 cs for junglers)
  • If your player dies as part of a double/triple/quadra, you take that many drinks. (Ex: Your player died as part of a quadra, you take 4 drinks)
  • Your team gets pentakilled = Finish your drink
  • Your player gets a pentakill = Everyone else finishes their drinks.
  • Your team wins = Celebrate with a little dance
  • Your team loses = Enjoy a shot

Additional Rules

  • Take one drink every time Phreak makes a pun.
  • Take one drink every time Deman says “I DO NOT BELIEVE IT”
  • A shot for giving first blood
  • Drink for every minute under 25 your team lost at. (Ex: 22 min game = 3 extra drinks)
  • Drink every time MonteCristo makes fun of Doublelift
  • Drink every time Doublelift talks trash

Happy drinking! KNOW YOUR LIMITS.

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Top 10 Drinking Games 2019

Wanna get drunk fast?

Top 10 Drinking Games for 2019

Top 10 Drinking Games 2019

The year is almost coming to an end, and you know what that means? Correct the annually Partypingo top 10 drinking game list 2019.

We have been in contact with lots of drinking game enthusiasts where we have played their games and gotten to a good point between being drunk and shitfaced.

So for good measure, we’ve made a top 10 list of the drinking games that we think were the best.

1. Dicey Drinking Game

Dicey - Up To no Good Drinking Game

We talked with these guys in an early stage, and look at them now. Not only have they manage to blow their social media presence with tons of followers, but they also manage to make deals with companies like Walmart and Amazon about selling their drinking game. Check it out!

The game itself is simple, you roll the die and pick a card. The card will challenge you to do the most outrageous and hilarious things, the losing player must drink.  See how to play Dicey.

Dicey is a go to drinking game to start any party and we can’t wait to see what they bring to the table next year!

Check out: Dicey Interview

or get your Dicey Drinking Game today!

2. Det Grunk

Det Grunk Drinking Game Interview

Another one for the Drinking Card Games collection. Det Grunk is both engaging and hillarious with precisely tailored drinking rules and minigames. To play, you just grab some friends, an empty cup and rotate around the room drawing cards and performing the actions as instructed.  

We also did a great interview with the guys behind. Check it out!

or get your Det Grunk Drinking Game today!

3. Dropshot the Game


The game is called Drop Shot and is fucking nerve-wracking and hilarious. It’s a Russian roulette of sort shot game. You fill the cup up, roll the dice to see how many times to turn the handles, then on a random trigger, the shot will release down the tube and into the players’ mouths! See the Video.

Check out the Interview and Review we did of Drop Shot the Game.

4. Fingaz Bowl


For all of you who have played fingers. First of all; it’s a brilliant game, it’s fun, easy to learn and a great party game. Fill your Fingaz Bowl with your favorite booze and get the party started.

Check out the Interview we did with Fingaz Bowl.

5. Pong Gone Wrong

Pong Gone Wrong Drinking Game Interview

Wanna step up your Beer Pong drinking game? Pong Gone Wrong mixes the traditional beer pong experience with small cards, that are placed under the cups with weird and funny challenges to do.

Check out the Interview for Pong Gone Wrong.

or get your Pong Gone Wrong Drinking Game today!

6. Drink-A-Palooza

Image result for Drinkapalooza

Bring life to your party with the Drink-a-Palooza Board Game. Have ever wanted to play beer pong, flip cup, kings and much more all at once? Then this game is for you!

Get your Drink-a-Palooza here.

7. Drinking Out Loud Drinking Game App

Ingen tilgængelig billedbeskrivelse.

Plug your phone into the nearest speaker to hear drinking challenges loud and clear over the talk and laughter of your party! It has more than 120 different challenges and there is a option to add your own challenges to the game.

Download the app here

8. Ryggio Drinking Game App

Image result for Ryggio

Ryggio a drinking game with a new spin. Get to know your buddies inner secrets or break the ice in a newer group. You can choose the questions that are asked from mild to extreme.

Download the App here

9. Bullseye Bombers

Image result for Bullseye Bombers

Bullseye Bombers. This game brings everyone together in competitive party play.  You won’t have to ask people to join–They’ll hear the screams of joy and frustration! Your entourage/posey/tribe–they’ll gather around you as your party is victorious. You win, whether or not your win or lose the game.

Support them on Kickstarter here

10. Mind my language

Image result for Mind your language drinking game

Mind Your Language is a fast, fun, and effed up party game for adults who love yelling out dirty words. And getting turnt with hilarious drinking rules. It’s like Cards Against Humanity made love to Kings Cup to gave birth to this naughty word puzzle – that will take your pre-game, house party, camping trip, or adult family game night to the next level.

Get your Mind Your Language Drinking Game here!


* Note that these games on the list are only drinking games, that have reach out to us about reviewing and testing their drinking game. If you own or know someone that owns a drinking game that you think we should review, feel free to contact us. *

Happy Drinking and Cheers!

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