league of drinking
league of drinking
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League of Legends Drinking Game

What you need:

  • Bottle of spirits
  • Mixer of preference
  • Large empty cup/container
  • League of Legends

Basic Rules

  1. If you die, take aĀ drink.
  2. Lose your lane’s tower; take aĀ drinkĀ in accordance to tier. (Second tier = 2 etc.)
  3. Lose your lanes inhibitor, take aĀ shot.
  4. Give First Blood, take aĀ shot.
  5. Every time the enemy team secures the dragon/baron, the team takes oneĀ drink.
  6. If your lane opponent(s) scores multi-kill you drink in accordance with the amount of kills (double kill = 2 etc.)a DOUBLE KILL: Poor twoĀ drinksĀ into the jug.
  7. If your lane opponent(s) score a TRIPLE KILL: Poor threeĀ drinksĀ into the jug.
  8. If your lane opponent(s) score a QUADRA KILL: Poor fourĀ drinksĀ into the jug.
  9. If your lane opponent(s) score a PENTA KILL:Ā Scull contents of the jug.

All rules below apply to the laning phase only; laning phase is defined until you/your opponentā€™s lane outer tower is destroyed. If you/your opponentā€™s lane still has an outer turret, laning phase rules are still applied. For jungle, laning phase is over when all outer turrets are destroyed.

Solo Lanes (Top & Mid)

  1. If your lane opponent hits level 6 before you, take one drink.
  2. If your lane opponent roams (incl. teleport) and gets kills, take one drink for every kill acquired.
  3. If you die 1v1, take one drink.


  1. Stolen buffs from spawn, jungler takes one drink.
  2. Jungler transfers buff to enemy team, take one drink.
  3. Jungler transfers double buff to enemy team, take one shot.
  4. Jungler executed by neutral monsters, take one shot.
  5. Failed gank attempt in any lane, take one drink.

ā€¢ The following applies for the whole game:

6. Unable to secure dragon/baron with smite, take one drink.

Bottom Lane

  1. Support takes one drink every time thereā€™s a gank that wasnā€™t warded.
  2. If support takes any kill, support takes oneĀ drink.
  3. The enemy bottom lane gets a double kill, both take oneĀ drink.
  4. If you get hard CCā€™ed (Snare, root, pull, knock up), the person affected takes oneĀ drink.
  5. An enemy escapes with less than 100 health, both take oneĀ drink.
  6. Support sacrifices themself for ADC to escape, ADC takes oneĀ drink.
  7. ADC misses cannon minion CS, ADC takes oneĀ drink.

Post Game

  1. If you have: Less than 5 kills or less than 10 assists, have a shot.
  2. If you have 100+ CS, designate a drink to someone/multiple people per x100. (eg. 345 CS = 3 drinks to allocate)
  3. Lane opponent full build, take a drink.
  4. If your opposing position has 10+ kills, take a shot for each lot of x10. (eg. 24 kills, = 2 shots)
  5. If your team surrenders, everyone must take a shot.

Happy hangovers! 


Please remember to drink responsibly! This post is not intended to promote excessive or irresponsible drinking. PartyPingo does not condone underage drinking, drinking and driving, or any form of reckless alcohol consumption. Stay safe and know your limits.

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