Real Steel Drinking Game
Real Steel Drinking Game - Disclaimer

Real Steel Drinking Game

Real Steel Drinking Game

Short about the Movie

Charlie Kenton used to be a prizefighter but lost his chance to win a title when heavy, towering robots took over the boxing ring. Now working as a small-time promoter, Charlie pieces together scrap metal into low-end fighters, barely earning enough to make it from one underground venue to the next. After hitting rock bottom, Charlie reluctantly teams with his estranged son, Max, to build and train a championship robot for a last shot at redemption.

You need

Drinking Rules

Drink when:

  • Someone says “Robot”
  • Someone says “Atom”
  • You see a new robot
  • Someone says “Zeus”
  • They mention a boxing technique

Drink 3 times when:

  • A new Robot fight starts

Happy Drinking and Cheers!


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