Rush Hour Drinking Game
Rush Hour Drinking Game - Disclaimer
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Rush Hour Drinking Game

Rush Hour Drinking Game

Short about the movie

A loyal and dedicated Hongkong-inspector works with a careless and loud-mouthed LAPD detective to save a Chinese Consul’s kidnapped daughter while trying to arrest a dangerous criminal.

Rush Hour is another classic movie that doesn’t need alcohol to be funny. But you can constantly improve the experience by adding some drinking rules. This movie has excellent lines and hilarious scenes with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. So let’s celebrate that with some alcohol!

You need:

Drinking Rules

Drink once when:

  • Chris Tucker says, “Mannnnnnnn”
  • Someone gets in a fight
  • Someone kicks Carter
  • The language barrier between Lee & Carter causes a confusion
  • A Michael Jackson reference is made
  • Someone pulls a gun (Drink twice if they shoot)

Drink twice when:

  • Someone makes a racist comment
  • Lee disarm someone
  • Carter talks bad Chinese

Take a shot when:

  • Carter mentions the FBI



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