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Host an amazing Party!

The party must go on!

How to have the greatest party
Image: Mitchell Orr

How to host a great party

3 Tips you can use for your next party!

Holy moly, the weekend is approching and there’s no reason not to go on in! If you’re reading this, it can only mean one thing. PARTY! You wanna get your pre-game on fleek! Let’s talk about tasty liquor, banging music and the love from your best pals.

“What do i need to get in this awesome mood your talking about?” Listen carefully as we gives our advise on how to have an awesome party!

The liquor

To ensure you’re all buzzed before you hit the city the liquor is essentiel! It’s all up to your preference, if your a beer, shots og drinks kinda man it’s all good, but normally people bring lots of beer, so we recommend getting som liquor and mixer to make some drinks.

Find inspiration right here!

The red cups, tho!

The music is lit and you just downed your fifth Jägerbomb. A casual and friendly drinking session has turned in to the madness of a night you’ve been craving seen wedensday. Get out the red cups! Challenge the biggest – or most beautiful – player in the room for a match of beerpong! I garantee you two things; The momentum of the party will rise and the same goes for your alcohol level.

Try these 5 awesome variations of Beer Pong.

Put together some playlists

We all know the feeling, people are dancing and athmosphere is great. But some retards have fucked with the queue and you’re stuck listening to Rihanna “Work, work, work” on repeat. Fear not, we’re here for you! Spend some time before it all goes down and put together some playlist. Make multiple, so you have for the different parts of the evening.

  1. Have one for the beginning that starts of the party and helps build the party atmophere you like.
  2. Another for when the party is peaking and you wanna dance.
  3. Lastly have one ready with all the old classic song where people can sing along!

Have an awesome party!

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Tips & Tricks

Good Advice Against a Hangover

Good Hangover Advice

Good Advice Against a Hangover

Good Advice Against a Hangover

There is no miracle cure for hangovers

Let me state right away that I am not an expert or trained to pronounce qualified on the subject. However, I am pretty sure I have more hands-on experience drinking fully (and surviving the day after) than most doctors and others who understand what happens to the body while consuming alcohol.

Also, let me state right away that there is NO miracle cure for the hangover. At least I haven’t found it. And I’ve tried a lot.

The wise (doctors) say that the hangover is most of all about you being dehydrated. Paradoxically, when you think about the unlikely amounts of alcohol you poured into your throat last night didn’t you?

But that’s actually what doctors often say about hangovers. And I believe in them for once. My own experience shows that the only thing that helps such a hangover is to drink plenty of water. Just as if you were dehydrated. And that’s exactly what you are when you have a hangover.

Image result for hangover"
Image: Sky News

Don’t Painkiller work?

Someone takes painkillers or headache pills when they have throbbing headaches after a hefty texture, but I don’t believe it works. At least it doesn’t do that for me. Some may think it works, but then it is your brain that drives you crazy. And typically you also rinse pills down with a glass of water. Tadaaaa! There you have the actual explanation for why it works.

It’s almost a waste of time and spending slit on other “medical” remedies for hangovers, so to the question of pills working against hangovers, my answer becomes a big and resounding clear: NO. Save your money and drink some water instead.

TIPS for hangovers

Now we come to the actual advice. Because there are things you can do to prevent your hangovers from getting so bad. And there are also things you can do to get up and running again as soon as possible.

Avoid getting bad hangovers

There are actually plenty of things you can do to prevent yourself from getting a bad hangover the day after a night out. Some of the advice is pretty obvious, but if you choose to follow it, it should probably work – even if it’s not always easy when you’re in a party mood.

There are 4 advice that you can follow:

  • Drink with manner. The less alcohol you drink, the better you usually have it the next day.
  • Eat before drinking alcohol
  • Drink water during the party
  • Make sure you get as much sleep as possible.

Especially the advice on getting plenty of sleep, I have started to follow more and more. And it works. There is a huge difference between leaving the party between 8 p.m. and 4 am. Your daily routine is totally destroyed – plus the longer you party the more alcohol you probably consume as well.

I have had some pretty long nights out that could easily extend into the next day, so they take a long time to recover. And it gets worse and worse with age I have heard.

So it’s a good idea to go home when the party is dying instead of ALWAYS being the last one.

When the damage has happened and you HAVE bad hangovers

If you wake up after a night where you only got a few hours of sleep, drank alcohol like a sponge sucks water and have a huge headache, here are some tips you can follow:

  • You are dehydrated so your body lacks salt and water. Eat some food, preferably regularly, and drink plenty of water. And I mean water. No soda or other fun. It doesn’t work as well.
  • If you have the opportunity, sleep as much as you can. I always find it hard to sleep after a night out, as I have such a turmoil in my body, but when you manage to sleep, you can often sleep from the worst. Otherwise, go to bed early the next night and see if you can sleep there.
  • Time heals all hangovers. Yes, the saying might have sounded like that. It takes time for your body to get rid of all that alcohol, so while it’s working on it, you actually can’t do much else than the above.
  • Laugh as you suffer. My experience is that it helps to have fun while “you suffer”. You do well with a good movie. You probably have a whole lot and otherwise you can probably find something on TV that can be used.
Image result for i'm never drinking again"

In short, eating regularly, drinking lots of water, getting as much sleep as possible. Doing so will work for you. And it is not a miracle cure for a hangover, but it works the best for me anyway.

What is your experience?

Now I know that I put things in the lead in this post, and I am also well aware that there are plenty of us who have at least as much experience in fighting hangovers as me. And then we probably all react differently to alcohol consumption. But if you have an attitude about this post, or some good advice against hangovers, then I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.

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