Samaritan Drinking Game
Samaritan Drinking Game - Disclaimer / TMDB

Samaritan Drinking Game

Samaritan Drinking Game

Short about the movie

Thirteen-year-old Sam Cleary suspects his mysterious and reclusive neighbor, Mr. Smith, is a legend hiding in plain sight. Twenty-five years ago, Granite City’s superpowered vigilante, Samaritan, was reported dead after a fiery warehouse battle with his rival, Nemesis. Most believe he perished in the fire, but some, like Sam, hope he’s still alive. With crime now on the rise, Sam makes it his mission to coax Samaritans out of hiding to save the city from ruin.

A New Amazon Prime movie that features Sylvester Stallone.

We give it 5.5 out of 10.

You need

Drinking Rules

Drink when:

  • Someone says, “Samaritan”
  • There is an explosion
  • Someone says “Nemesis”
  • Someone dies


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