The Fascinating History of Roskilde Festival
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The Fascinating History of Roskilde Festival: Key Milestones

The Fascinating History of Roskilde Festival: Key Milestones

Embark on a journey through the remarkable history of Roskilde Festival, with essential moments and interesting facts that you can share with fellow campers:

Memorable Milestones


Roskilde Festival was founded by Mogens Sandf├Žr, Jesper Switzer, and promoter Carl Fischer. Initially named the “Sound Festival,” it drew inspiration from renowned rock festivals like Woodstock.

A pivotal year for Roskilde Festival, marked by the acquisition of the legendary ORANGE CANOPY stage. Previously owned by a Rolling Stone company, it is now known as the Orange Stage and serves as a symbol of the festival. Notable artists such as Bob Marley and The Wailers graced the stage. The festival expanded to include three stages, attracting a daily total of 36,500 visitors over three days.

Attendance surged to 45,000 festival-goers.

U2 delivered an unforgettable performance on the Orange Stage, setting a new attendance record of 49,000 participants.

Roskilde Festival welcomed an impressive crowd of 60,600 attendees, who purchased three-day tickets for a mere DKK 200 (30 dollars). The inaugural Gr├Şn Koncert (Green Concert) also attracted 50,000 visitors.

A standout year featuring esteemed guests like Costello, Clapton, and Collins.

The festival expanded to include Thursday, offering an extended experience to festival enthusiasts.

A year of remarkable achievement as the festival hit an all-time high with 70,600 participants. Esteemed artists such as Bob Dylan and Danish band D-A-D took the stage.

Persistent rain characterized this year’s festival, yet it did not dampen the spirits of attendees. Iron Maiden and Paul Simon delivered captivating performances.

Roskilde Festival experienced a vibrant atmosphere as it coincided with the EC football championship, fueling the excitement among festival-goers.

The festival introduced its own cinema, providing an additional source of entertainment for attendees.

Attendance reached an impressive 90,000, transforming the festival grounds into a bustling zoo of music lovers.

A momentous occasion as Roskilde Festival celebrated its silver anniversary, marking 25 years of remarkable music and unforgettable experiences.

A significant milestone as Roskilde Festival unveiled its very own train station on K├Şgebanen. Ticket sales were capped at 90,000 and sold out rapidly on April 29.

Roskilde Festival launched its own festival radio, enriching the on-site experience for attendees.

A year of both celebration and tragedy. Roskilde Festival commemorated its 30th anniversary, yet sadly witnessed a tragic incident during a Pearl Jam concert on the Orange Stage, resulting in the loss of nine lives.

The festival expanded to an impressive eight-day duration, captivating a sold-out crowd that reveled in the joyous atmosphere.

The introduction of a bathing lake proved to be a major hit among attendees. With over 170 bands performing, the festival attracted a minimum of 79,000 enthusiastic guests.

Despite heavy rainfall and cloudbursts, the dedicated volunteers laid out 1000 tons of wood chips, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all.

Roskilde Festival experienced its warmest year in 33 years. This marked the introduction of the Green Footsteps climate campaign, leading to over 40,000 energy-saving actions and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

A milestone year as Roskilde Festival celebrated its 40th anniversary. The festivities reached a crescendo with an electrifying performance by the legendary Prince on theOrange Stage.

A total of 130,000 people participated in the festival, including attendees, volunteers, guests, and artists. Unfortunately, an incident occurred when a woman fell from the container tower outside the festival’s fence. The police investigated the case, revealing it to be a tragic accident.

Roskilde Festival introduced a new mobile stage, delighting the crowd of 77,500 attendees. Bruce Springsteen headlined the festival, delivering an unforgettable performance.

2020 – 2021:
Were closed because of Covid.


The Roskilde Festival Celebrates its 50th years!


A lot of the festival have converted to Clean Out Loud zones, and the Festival are more sustainable and more aware of the environment and cleaning up.

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Roskilde Festival, and share these remarkable milestones with fellow festival-goers. Appreciate the legacy that has shaped this iconic event and celebrate the joy of music, camaraderie, and unforgettable experiences.


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