Top 10 Board Game Drinking Games 2022
Top 10 Board Game Drinking Games 2022 - Disclaimer / Photo by Yan Krukov
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Top 10 Board Game Drinking Games 2022

Top 10 Board Game Drinking Games 2022

There are many alternatives to flip cup if you’re looking for a drinking game to play at a party, regardless of whether you like beer, wine, or neither. Here are the top drinking board games for whatever number of players, from two to eight.

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Pyramid (Card)

If you’re looking for a drinking game that requires a little more thought and a lot less talent than the original Pyramid coin version, try its card counterpart instead. As the pyramid is turned over, the players must remember the cards they were dealt and give out drinks based on bluffs or matching cards.


DRINK-A-PALOOZA Drinking Games
DRINK-A-PALOOZA Drinking Games – Disclaimer / Buy it here!

Beer pong and flip cup are two of the original drinking games, and DRINK-A-PALOOZA mixes them with other fun card games to provide the ideal drinking and card game experience. The players must compete with one another to load their six-pack game piece with bottles, so it’s no wonder that the game may become competitive. Whoever does it first is the victor. The game’s maximum player count of a dozen makes it perfect for large gatherings.

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Beeropoly Board Game Drinking Game
Beeropoly Board Game Drinking Game – Disclaimer / Photo / Buy it here!

This simple yet entertaining board game is the ideal way to spice up a night in with friends and family, especially if any of them like a good beer. Players roll dice to advance around the board’s perimeter, which has spots with instructions like “Cheers!” (everyone drinks), “Waterfall,” and “Girls Drink.” Since the rules and gameplay are so obvious, there’s no need to waste time reading the manual before you can start drinking and having fun. The bottle caps used as playing pieces are another nod to the beer motif.

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Brewopoly Board Game Drinking Game
Brewopoly Board Game Drinking Game – Disclaimer / Photo / Buy it here!

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The addition of alcohol to the classic game of Truth or Dare ensures an evening full of surprising confessions and hilarious antics. Actions such as “Take a Shot,” “Tell the Truth,” “Dare” “Snitch” (choose a player but instead tell them what to do), and “Go” (where one participant performs a task while everyone else imitates it, and the last participant to do so drinks) are spread out around a circle, and a bottle pointer can be spun to indicate which action is currently being performed. If a player spins the bottle and falls on “Truth,” they must choose a hand from the Truth stack and respond to the question on the paper, and so on for each activity with the exception of “Snitch,” which has its own set of cards. And if you roll a “Truth” and choose not to address it, you have to fire a shot, and if you roll a “Dare” and choose not to accept the dare, you have to make a shot.

Drunk Jenga

Drunken Jenga Drinking Game
Drunken Jenga Drinking Game – Disclaimer / Photo by Yan Krukov

Due to the fact that new rules and instructions have been added to the game of Jenga, Drunk Jenga may be considered of as a vertical board game, despite the fact that it is not a board game in the traditional sense. Before the blocks of wood are used to construct the Jenga tower, a variety of chores and instructions, such as “take a shot,” “ladies drink,” “boys drink,” and so on, are inscribed on them. Examples of these include “waterfall” and “floor is lava.” Other examples include “take a shot.” The directions may be tailored just to the person whose time it is to speak, or they could be general enough to extend to the entire group. Each participant then takes a turn drafting a block and following out the directions printed on it. The player who is responsible for the tower falling over must consume all of the liquids they have left in their supply.

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Drunken Jenga Party Drinking Game
Drunken Jenga Party Drinking Game – Disclaimer / Photo / Buy it here!

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Pass Out

Pass Out Drinking Game
Pass Out Drinking Game – Disclaimer / Photo / Buy it here!

You want to forget your troubles completely tonight? You may try passing out. The board is laid up like Monopoly, with squares that each contain a direction for the player, and the game is played by rolling dice and moving from square to square (s). Each square has a distinct color, and the board’s core area is subdivided into four zones using the main colors. If you roll a “Take a Drink” tile and land in the green section of the board, everyone in that section must take a drink. On other spots, players are asked to choose a white Pass Out card, which may contain instructions for either themselves or the whole group. Picking a Pink Elephant with a tongue twister is mandatory after passing Start. The tongue twister will increase in difficulty during the course of the game, so you’ll need to repeat it three times. To get a Pink Elephant card, you must repeat saying the tongue twister three times without making a mistake. The first person to amass 10 cards wins.

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Buzzed Drinking Game
Buzzed Drinking Game – Disclaimer / Photo / Buy it here!

Buzzed is a great option to explore if you’re the kind of person who prefers less complex drinking games. Actually reading the rules of a game? Who has the time for that? Open the game and immediately begin the enjoyable section. To play, just choose a card at random from the deck of 180 and follow the instructions. Take the prompt “Drink if you belong to a fraternity or society,” for instance; if the proverbial “shoe fits,” then by all means, raise a glass. Having anything from three to twenty participants means that this drinking game can keep the party going strong.

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Unstable Unicorns

Drinking games are a great way to bond with your friends, but they may also be used as an excuse to betray them immediately. For mature audiences only, Unstable Unicorns has been given a 21+ certification. To win, you must amass and guard seven unicorns while hindering your opponents’ attempts to do the same. The game’s regular rules make it appear like any other strategy game, but there are extra rules for drinking and/or stripping if you want to spice things up a little. This game may be played with as little as one other person or as many as seven more people.

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The Spoons drinking game is an exciting and speedy way to imbibe with pals. A card is quickly transferred from player to player until somebody gets four of a type, at which point everyone scrambles for spoons.

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Drawing Without Dignity

The popular party board game charades gets an adult makeover in Drawing Without Dignity. This entertaining game for four to eight players is a mashup of the classics Pictionary and Telephone. To play, just pass the card around and have everyone try to guess what’s drawn on it. By the conclusion of the chain, the outcomes may have changed, which is sure to make everyone involved laugh and have a good time. The game’s humorous, bizarre, and wild potential is amplified when alcohol is involved.

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Can also try out Telestrations After Dark Adult Game!

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Please remember to drink responsibly! This post is not intended to promote excessive or irresponsible drinking. PartyPingo does not condone underage drinking, drinking and driving, or any form of reckless alcohol consumption. Stay safe and know your limits.

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Top 10 Drinking Games 2022

Top 10 Drinking Games 2022

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