10 Kinds of Alcohol You Always Regret Drinking
10 Kinds of Alcohol You Always Regret Drinking

10 Kinds of Alcohol You Always Regret Drinking

10 Kinds of Alcohol You Always Regret Drinking

Think back to your most blurry parties and you know what we’re talking about. We made a list of things that make sure, that the next day is gonna be with more than just a hangover.

10. Bailey

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Once you’ve gotten yourself drunk in chocolate shots, you’re never do it again … Until next time, of course, when you found out that Bailey’s can be blended with other ingredients that make up the famous White Russian.

9. Improvised shots

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Gin, vodka, whiskey, rum with a bit of lime and soda … When you find out that there are shots, everything can be used – the more alcohol mixed together, the faster you get drunk.

8. Cherry wine

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We highly doubt that you are the only one to have found a dusty bottle of fruit wine from your parents’ closet in a desperate attempt to become a grownup with a 50-cent in your pocket – understandably it tasted better and better for every glass.

7. Drinks of leftovers

It is 4.35 am and there is no booze = you are desperate. Then it is (un) fortunate that the table is filled with half empty glasses and cans that can be mixed. Because with your bartender knowledge, you can easily make it taste good – and that little extra touch is the cigarette-coded, which you only discover when it’s halfway into your mouth.

6. Pisang Ambon

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Green tongue and banana flavor – we don’t need to say any more … But the best thing now – when you were down to the local disco in our younger years – was to order a Skumbanan drink. You could just drink one after the other, and UH, it tasted good, though it hit hard the next day, and the contents of the frying pan were brown-green.

5. Vodka Candy

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No, how smart is that – candy AND alcohol in one! Then you can’t taste the alcohol at all – later you can feel it … Well, sweets are VERY delicious, but maybe the gummy bears should just be enjoyed WITHOUT alcohol another time…

4. Special beer

You think it’s a really good idea to go all in on the PUB style and bull the beer in you, which is at 10.6 percent – and in fact you think they taste almost like a regular beer when you’ve had enough. The next day you will be wiser.

3. Liebfraumilch (white German wine)

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What can you say of good things – cheap, cheap and … cheap! And add, add, add! Those were some ugly college parties when this wine was the only one you could afford – but drink it, you should!

2. Licorice shots

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There is an age limit for Licorice shots – and it’s an upper one of sorts! By the time you graduate from college, you have had so many clumsy experiences of throwing sticky black stuff up.

1. Te.. Te.. Tequila!

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Licking, drinking, bite the lemon is a very dangerous game. Considering that we can’t remember anything from the party after that game, the Tequila smell still sits in the nose for a long time. Do you still get vomiting just at the thought?


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