10 Things to Do, When all of your Friends is at Coachella
10 Things to Do, When all of your Friends is at Coachella
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10 Things to Do, When all of your Friends is at Coachella

10 Things to do, when all of your Friends is at Coachella

The festival season is upon us, and if you are also one of those who for some reason should not leave, then you may well suffer from a violent game of FOMO. The many snaps from all the friends who drink beer and hear good music do not exactly make the situation better, but before you go completely into self-pity, do not worry – we have gathered here 10 things you can do to get the festival abstinence a bit at a distance.

1. Rejoice

Does it rain? Then I don’t have to say any more. Rejoice that you are not in a (leaky) tent and have to fight your way through mud and rain just to get out and pee!

If the weather is good, the situation is immediately a little worse .. But fortunately we have a few bids.

2. Have a phone-free day

Are you tired of constantly being reminded that you’re not at a festival? Have a phone-free day. Turn off all notifications on your social media and agree with yourself that you may only use it to hear music and see what time it is. What you do not know, you do not hurt ..

3. Expand your network

We all know the feeling. We bump into a friend from the elementary school, talk for 5 minutes and always end the conversation with “no, we also have to find something out!”, Both knowing that you will never find out. Until now! Take the initiative and write to the friend that you have always enjoyed, but where the contact has slipped a little – who knows, maybe you just get a new friend out of it?

4. Summer vacation in your Town/City

If you live in a small town or a big city, you also know that there are many people who want the same thing when the sun is shining. Take advantage of it being festival season and then go to the places you usually avoid because of the large crowd. Maybe it is actually possible to get a good spot on the beach?

5. Hear your favorite artist all day.

Is there an artist you are especially sad to miss at the festival? I am a huge Tame Impala fan and it hurts my heart that I miss him at Coachella. Fortunately, he also sounds good through my speakers, and I intend to hear him on repeat all day when he is playing.

6. Exercise

Boring? Maybe. But keep in mind that while all your friends are either drunk or have a hangover, you are doing something good for yourself. Play the health freak and rejoice that you are doing something good for yourself.

7. Wellness

Make your body summery and treat yourself at the same time. While everyone else goes around a little half-squat without being bathed, you can do just the opposite. Take a foot bath, exfoliate your skin, use a face and hair mask while hearing good music – for example, the arts you miss!

8. Shop

If you are not at a festival because you do not have the money for it, this is of course a very bad advice. But on the other hand, you can say that you saved quite a lot of money by not leaving. Buy a little thing for yourself – many of the stores are selling out right now, and because everyone else is at the festival, there’s probably no 8-kilometer queue in the rehearsal room!

9. Visit Relatives

If there is someone who is not at the festival either, then it is your grandparents. And they will love an unexpected visit from you! Take advantage of the time, have a game under your arm and enjoy an afternoon with your grandparents. I almost guarantee you will be spoiled for coffee and cake in large quantities!

10. Drink a beer in the middle of the day.

One of the good things about being at a festival is that there is no point in being wrong to drink a beer. But it doesn’t have to be outside the festival either! Gather a group of friends who are not there either, and have fun with a few beers and good music one afternoon – discount festival maybe, but I guarantee you will enjoy yourself anyway!


Please remember to drink responsibly! This post is not intended to promote excessive or irresponsible drinking. PartyPingo does not condone underage drinking, drinking and driving, or any form of reckless alcohol consumption. Stay safe and know your limits.

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