All about different types of beers
All about different types of beers - Disclaimer / Pexels

All about different types of beers

All about different types of beers

Beer is not just beer – it is the sacred drink that must be enjoyed in the right glass, at the right temperature, and in the right way; but which type do you like best?

Now that you have learned to taste the sacred liquids, it is essential to remember what you like best. Often it is a particular type of beer that appeals to one. Of course, you can choose to save the labels and then proceed from them when shopping, but here is a little help for self-help.

You can use these beer concepts as a guide to the newly discovered beer world.

2 Different Categories of Beer

There are two main types within the category, BEER. It is the traditional Ale beer and the modern Lager beer. What makes the difference is what yeast and what kind of fermentation technique is used during brewing.

In general, one can say that ale is pungent in taste, fruity, complex in flavor, and aroma. And unlike a lager beer, ale must be served at a relatively warm temperature – namely at 10-13 degrees.

On the other hand, Lager beer should be served at 4-7 degrees, and in general, it is light in taste, has high carbonation, is round and soft, and has an excellent and clean taste and aroma.

In addition to these main types, various Hybrids combine ale and lager beer. Finally, there is a group that can not really be placed and therefore called Special Beer – these can be very strange in flavor.

Different types of Ales

Barley Wine

This is a very strong beer that is just as alcoholic as wine. It has fruity and caramel-like aromas, and then it has a very complex malt taste.

Served in wine or cognac glasses.

Belgian Beer

These are very unusual, and they have an extensive range of intense aromas. Actually, it is not a specific type, but many different ones that are often grouped.

There are, e.g., the sour and reddish-brown ones from Flanders; sharp fruity Lambic brews; sour-sweet Faro; extremely sour Gueuze; Spicy Season; dark, complex Trappist Double; the spicy, sweet Trappist Tripple and finally the spicy Witbier.


Bitter is the name of a particular type of beer that is not really bitter. The name comes from the time when hops were used for the first time by the English brewers.

It is a widespread type of beer in British pubs, and it is found, like the Belgians, in a wide range of species, ranging from fine to robust in style.

Brown Ale
Lightly malted, not too thin, subdued fruit and caramel aromas give a soft feeling in the mouth.

It can be recommended for beginners who want to try something other than a Tuborg.

Pale Ale

Fruity with a nutty, toasted taste of malt and a dry and slightly bitter aftertaste. It has a golden and often amber color.

Some American manufacturers label the label “amber ale.”


This is one of the very dark malty types with a pleasant sweetness and varies from medium-bodied to very strong and robust. Like Stout, perfect for coziness, where you sip the glass, and the two types differ very clearly from other beers.


As suggested, Stout is very similar to Porter, but it differs with its more roasted and coffee-flavored taste. Besides, Stout is excellent for mixing with a lighter beer. When you do that, it’s called a half “n” half.

Strong Ale

Fruity, malty with buttery, nutty, roasted aromas. Also, stout sip beer that is good after dinner or late at night.

There are two types of strong ale: the bitter Old Ale (English) and the more malted, finely smoked Scotch Ale (Scottish).

Wheat beer

This is a perfect summer beer that is brewed in 6 varieties. It is aromatic, fruity, citrusy, and has a refreshing shower, which should be enjoyed when it is sweltering, and you need a thirst quencher.


Light lager beer

The light lager beers are what most Danes drink, and they taste almost exactly the same, even though many perceive them as incredibly different. This is thanks to the advertisements that want people to perceive them that way.

But in general, they are almost tasteless and odorless, and they are watery and effervescent, making them suitable for quenching thirst. They must therefore also be served ice cold.

Dark lager beer

It is not so widespread, but an example could be Rød Tuborg. This type also has a fragile character but is more full-bodied and chocolate-like than the light lager beer.


Dark and malty taste with a chocolate-like aroma that stays in your mouth for a bit.

Fairytale beer / Oktoberfest

Almost like the Bock beer, but without the chocolate aroma and the dark color.

It is good in large quantities and is therefore often used for festivals.

Pilsner, Pils, Pilsener

Originally from the Czech Republic, where it is called Plzensky.

Aromatic, finely malted, refreshing, slightly bitter hops.

Rauchbier (German smoked lager)

Bonfire-like smoky taste with a bitter sharpness.

You have to get used to it, but it is suitable for smoked ham or sausage, and then it is forbidden to bellow it – it must be sipped.


It looks a bit like Märchenbier. (Malted, medium-bodied)


Old beer

A German ale brewed in an old-fashioned way – hence the name “old.”

What makes it a hybrid is that it is fermented hot as ale beer and stored cool as lager beer.

It is malted with some bitter hops.

Steam Beer

Medium-bodied with toasted and malted taste as well as a violent hop-like aroma, taste, and bitterness.

Cream Ale

Complete American invention that is incredibly light with a mild, perfume-sweet grain flavor. In addition, corny aroma and is very light in color as well as high carbonation.


This beer is named after Cologne, as it originates from here, and only brewers from Cologne’s brewers’ association may call their beer Kölsch.

It is very pale and misty because it is unfiltered, but it is pure in taste with light milky acidity and reasonably flimsy and unstable.

It was supposed to be a good summer beer.


Fruit beer

Light to medium-bodied lager beers or ales. Added fruity aroma and tendency to the delightful aftertaste.

Popular aromas: cherries, raspberries, blueberries.

Less famous, but not uncommon: apricot and peach.

Herbal and Spice Beer

Added spice – e.g., cinnamon or tarragon.

There are often unique beers for summer and winter, depending on the spices used.

Smoked Beer

Any type of beer that has been given a smoky character is excellent when the type is Porter.


Typically a Christmas beer that is very spicy.

Other names: Holiday Beer, Yule Ale, Winter Warmer, Mulled Ale (if it contains fruit).

Complete American invention that is incredibly light with a mild, perfume-sweet grain flavor. In addition, corny aroma and is very light in color as well as high carbonation.


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