Drink and Tell Drinking Game
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Drink and Tell Drinking Game App

Drink and Tell Drinking Game App

Introducing Drink and Tell, the ultimate drinking game app that is designed to liven up any party or gathering. The app is like a virtual bartender, whipping up a delicious concoction of secrets, laughter, and alcohol. It features a variety of fun and challenging drinking games that you can play with friends, including classic games like Never Have I Ever, Truth or Dare, and many more.

The app is easy to use and navigate. Once you download it, you can select the game you want to play and it will provide the instructions on how to play. Plus, you can customize the rules of the game to fit your group’s preferences.

One of the most popular games on the app is “Never Have I Ever”, where players take turns making statements starting with “Never have I ever…” and if someone in the group has done it, they have to drink. The game can be made more interesting by adding different variations like “Truth or Drink” or “Truth or Dare”, where players are given a choice to either reveal a truth or do a dare, and if they choose not to, they have to drink.

Another popular game on the app is “Truth or Dare”, where players take turns choosing between answering a truth question or completing a dare. The questions and dares can range from silly to more personal and can be tailored to fit the group’s preferences.

The app also includes games like “Who am I?”, “Truth or Lie”, “Two truths and a lie”, and many more. Each game is designed to be interactive and gets players talking, laughing, and bonding with each other. Trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve played “Drink and Tell” with your besties.

So, download the app, gather some friends, and let the good times roll! Cheers!


Please remember to drink responsibly! This post is not intended to promote excessive or irresponsible drinking. PartyPingo does not condone underage drinking, drinking and driving, or any form of reckless alcohol consumption. Stay safe and know your limits.

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