Everything you need at a Festival
Everything you need at a Festival - Disclaimer / Photo by Brett Sayles
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Everything you need at a Festival

Everything you need at a Festival

It’s always a good time during the festival season. However, packing is not one of them. So, if you’re planning on attending a festival soon, especially one that requires camping, you may want to consult this handy guide.

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Access Cards and Tickets

Although this may seem like the most glaringly apparent rule to break, you’d be amazed at how many individuals show up at the event without a ticket. Keep your festival ticket safe since pickpockets are typical in crowded locations like those seen at festivals.

You must have your tickets and passes to get entry, but just in case: once you reach the gates, you will not be permitted to enter without them. So have your tickets handy and check them often to avoid a public breakdown near the main entrance.

A Cover From the Elements

A tent is an essential item for every camping trip, where you may collapse and sleep as the sun rises. A sleeping bag is necessary if you’re traveling to the United Kingdom. Specifically, Spain doesn’t impress me. Having Glastonbury every weekend is a sure way to guarantee rain in the United Kingdom. Prepare for the weather ahead of time because no matter how much fun you’re having, getting soaked with nowhere to dry yourself is the worst possible scenario.

An umbrella is usually frowned upon when in the audience during a live performance. This, however, does not exclude the use of protective gear such as a waterproof coat or cloak. Similarly, a sunburn is the last thing you want, so pack a big hat and apply factor 30 sunscreen as soon as the sun peeks out from behind the clouds.

Things you need at a Festival
Things you need at a Festival – Disclaimer / Photo by Wendy Wei


Again, this depends on the weather, so do yourself a favor and get a pair of wellies or other robust footwear. But, of course, a couple of inexpensive wellies won’t cut it if you’re going to be on your feet all day and night. Believe us, we understand.

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Tent and Overnight Bag

Even if you want to avoid sleep at all costs to take in every last second of the festival, you still need a place to rest your head each night. So please don’t go into the field without a tent, whether it’s the cheapest in history as a friendly little housing for your bag or the greatest and largest tent that makes Bear Grylls seem like an amateur.

Even while porta potties have improved dramatically in recent years, it is still common for toilet paper to run out well before the first act takes the stage. Therefore, whether you like Andrex or baby wipes, it’s a good idea to pack them for the trip.

Festival restrooms should always be treated with suspicion. No more toilet paper will exist two or three hours after those gates have opened. So if you have to use the restroom and are already committed, it’s a good idea to bring your own.

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Money-carrying purses or wallets

Don’t pack everything if you lose it, but carry the essentials like a bank card and photo identification. Despite the presence of ATMs at most festivals, it is still a good idea to have some cash in case you need to withdraw money and incur fees.

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Stuff to Wear and Use

You should bring clean clothing and underwear for each day you plan to be there since you will almost certainly become muddy, sweaty, and nasty no matter the weather. Your basic first aid kit should always include antiperspirant, dry shampoo, moisturizing lotion (for sunburn), bandages, and pain relievers.

Items for the Body and the Home

It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing; there is a reasonable probability that you will become muddy, sweaty, and filthy. Because of this, you must bring a change of clothing and underwear for each day you are there. In addition, you should always include antiperspirant, deodorant, dry shampoo, moisturizing lotion (for sunburn), plasters, and painkillers on your list of essential items to take.


The quality of the food served at festivals has also significantly improved. From the burger truck where you’d spend $8 for disappointment and terrible cleanliness, you can now obtain a vast selection of fresh and organic cuisine.

However, you will almost certainly pay far over the odds for anything you purchase, so going prepared with a stove or barbeque and some food items will allow you to save money and, more importantly, cut down on the amount of time you spend waiting in line.

Mobile Phone

It is not conceivable to make the festival loop without your reliable phone, so don’t even try. For security (so that you may discover your mates), for later viewing (and also to take a lot of photos and video files), or for having won a bet (so that you can confirm on Wikipedia that such a musician used to be in that band), it is impossible to do the festival tour without your reliable phone.

It’s nearly certain that at some time, you will need to utilize a phone to locate your missing companions. In addition, the Apple Culture Trip app or Android version will become your best friend if you plan to do some sightseeing in the area before or after the event.

Power Banks

At a festival, waiting in line to charge your phone wastes your time and your money. Instead, your phone will have the power it needs to contribute to your Instagram story if you use one of the little portable chargers purchased on Amazon for as low as ten pounds or dollars. Additionally, you can use them to charge most Bluetooth speakers this way.

The issue with many different types of smartphones is that they can accomplish so much and have so many capabilities, but as a consequence, their battery capacity is severely restricted. For this reason, a portable battery pack needs likewise to be included on your essentials list for the event. The power bank is not only sleek and small, but it also allows you to charge your phone while you are out and about. This leaves you plenty of space for the other things on your shopping list.

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