How to play Flip Cup
How to play Flip Cup - Disclaimer / Photo by Ron Lach

How to Play Flip Cup in 2022

Flip Cup Drinking Game

Flip cup is a team-based drinking game where players must, in turn, drain a plastic cup of beer and then “flip” the cup, so it lands face-down on the table. Any player can return the cup to the playing field if the cup falls off the table.

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Drinking Rules

Split into two teams of three or more and line up on either sides of the table facing each other with a drink in a plastic cup placed in front of each player, this is normally beer, but as long as everyone has the same it doesnā€™t really matter.

When the game starts, the first team player must finish their drink as quickly as possible.

When they have done so, they must place it the right way up on the edge of the table and flip it, so it lands upside down (see the example below), They must continue to do this until successful, and only then can the next player in the team can go. The first team to finish all their drinks is the winner.

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