People who drink Gin & Tonic have Bigger Brains
People who drink Gin & Tonic have Bigger Brains
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People who drink Gin & Tonic have Bigger Brains

People who drink Gin & Tonic have Bigger Brains.

If you generally like bitter things, then there is something to suggest that you have a bigger brain than those who cannot. It shows new research from the University of Queensland.

If you are among those who enjoy a good gin and tonic, then there are signs that you have a bigger brain. A study by the University of Queensland shows that there is an interconnection between people who enjoy the taste of bitterness as well as the size of their brains.

However, you should not start getting too good at boasting about your big brain because the study does not say that people who drink gin and tonic, among other things, should also be wiser than others.

So the study does not tell anything about intelligence, but in return, it tells that the size of your brain can mean something to your taste sense.

“Whether you like tonic water or not, people with bigger brains typically think it’s less bitter than others,” says Daniel Hwang of the University of Queensland, who is behind the study.

The study should help to treat eating disorders.

You may be wondering why such a study is needed at all, where you can see that people who can better tolerate bitter taste also have bigger brains. However, this is necessary because it can potentially be used to treat eating disorders.

Daniel Hwang hopes that in the long term, he can learn to stimulate the areas of the brain with transcranial magnetic stimulation, where a machine creates magnetic fields that can temporarily disrupt neurons in the brain.

More than 1,600 people from Australia and the United States participated in the study from the university, and they measured the size of their brains via an MRI scanner while also asked to rank their tastes with a variety of sweet and bitter products.

The study was not specifically about gin and tonic, but tonic was used, among other things, due to the substance quinine, which creates the very bitter taste that is in a tonic. However, the study went on bitterness in general, and therefore people who like grapefruit better than others will typically also have a slightly larger brain.


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