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The Perfect Temperature for a Beer – What do you prefer?

What do you Prefer?

Beer Temperatur

The Perfect Temperature for a Beer

A cold beer..

Is a good beer. Of course, a beer should have the right temperature when served – It should not be too hot, but it should not be too cold either. Even though there are rumors that hot beer has healing powers against colds, the beer is always better off having the perfect temperature. The ideal serving temperature is between 7 and 9 degrees Celsius, which corresponds to the temperature the beer gets after being stored in the refrigerator and being “warmed up” by serving as the beer leaves the refrigerator’s cold temperature.

A Beers Temperature

Is not always someone else, as all beers are not alike. There are beer, where you get the best experience and the full aroma of the beer if the temperature is between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius. But if you just drink the “ordinary” beers available in all supermarkets, simply store them in the refrigerator.

Finally, good advice for incipient beer drinkers; Beer should not be heated or cooled quickly, as this affects the taste.

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Drop Shot Game Review

Drop Shot the Game!

DropShot Drinking Game Review


This game is called Drop Shot and is fucking nerve-wracking and hilarious. Think Russian roulette meet shots. We’ve been trying it out, and are going to tell you all about our experience with Drop Shot.

“The suspense was the best part and the shot we poured was disgusting, so definitely did not want it!”

The set-up

The game arrives in a neatly packed box. Here you will find all the pieces needed for the game. You got the base, the funnel, and the handle and dice. Everything is easy to put together and only takes about two minutes from opening the box to be ready to play your first round.

Find the official assembly instructions here!

How to play

The game is very easy to understand. When it’s your turn, you roll the dice and do the appropriate action according to what you roll. There are 4 different possibilities, you can either roll a one, meaning you turn the handle once, a two turning the handle twice, a zero meaning you lucked out or an ‘X’ meaning you need to roll the dice again.

Find the official how-to-play here!

Drop Shot The Game
Drop Shot The Game

What’s good

We really love the general idea of the game, and the random trigger really gets your heart raising (especially if you pour something nasty in it!). You never really know when the shot is gonna hit. We also like how easy the game is to play and understand, anyone can drop in and participate. It’s also very easy to assemble the game.

What could be better

The lid of the bottle is freaking hard to get on and off. And the mouthpiece can be a bit tricky to drink from. Overall it’s a pretty nice game.

Overall rating

An overall assessment of Drop Shot is that it’s a hilarious, user-friendly drinking game with minimal to no bad things to it. We give it 4.5 out of 5.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Where to get it

You just click this link and buy it straight off there website!

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