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The REAL rules for the drinking game Waterfall


REAL rules for the drinking game Waterfall

The REAL rules for the drinking game Waterfall

Do you know the drinking game Waterfall? Yes, you probably do. Maybe you know it under other names like King’s Cup, Around the Bottle ect. The game has many names, but also many different rules. We therefore give you a simple overview of the Waterfall rules you should play with.

The real rules for waterfalls

The first thing to do is put a bottle on the table and put a card game in a circle around the bottle. You then take turns to pull a card from the stack one by one. When you are done with the card, place it on top of the bottle so that a pile eventually forms. Now it is important not to break the circle or to overturn the card pile from the bottle, for there is a penalty! (You need to chug your drink)

Then let’s get a grip on what the different cards mean:

  • Ace: Sniper! Make a scope with your thumb and finger and aim at someone. When you aim at someone start counting loud from 1. When the person finds out that you are aiming at them, you stop the count and the person needs to drink the amount you stopped at.
  • 2 – 5 Red cards: You must give away the number of drinks the card shows.
  • 2 – 5 Black cards: You must drink the number of drinks the card shows.
  • 6Pee card: You MUST go pee only if you have the pee card. You may want to save it for later use or sell it for drinks.
  • 77 table: You start by saying “1”, the person to the left of you says “2”, the person to the left of it says “3”. And so I continue. When you get to the numbers in the 7 table, it is about NOT saying “7”, “14”, “21” and so on, but instead saying “bum”. If a person comes to say a number included in the 7 table, you stop and that person is punished and need to drink.
  • 8Category: You select a specific category. This can be anything from drinks, car brands, clothing stores to favorite beer brands. Everyone must now say in turn something that falls within the chosen category. He who cannot think of anything is punished and need to drink.
  • 9 – Rule: Make a rule that applies to everyone in the company. It can be anything from having to take the little man out of the glass every time you drink, to not having to address some in the company by name.
  • 10Waterfall. You start a waterfall. That is, when you start drinking, everyone else should drink too. Only when you stop drinking should the person to the left of you stop drinking, and that is how it goes on.
  • Jack: The Males toast. All the men in the company toast and drink
  • Queen: The Females toast. All the females in the company toast and drink
  • King: The king. You need to put the card in your forehead. Until a new entrant draws a king, you decide everything. For example, you can give out drinks or make special rules.

Don’t you think you are in control of the waterfall rules now? It’s just about getting started with the game. CHEERS!

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Happy Drinking and Cheers!

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