Top 10 Funniest Bottle Openers 2021
Top 10 Funniest Bottle Openers 2021 - Disclaimer / Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Top 10 Funniest Beer Bottle Openers 2021

Top 10 Funniest Beer Bottle Openers

We have collected some of the funniest Bottle Openers out there. You will never open beer the same way again.
So see which one you like and buy it!

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10. Flat Bottle Opener

Simple and effective bottle opener made of stainless steel. Perfect for most beer caps, Use the top of the hole to open the beer, soft drinks, soda water, coca-cola, and more, great for professional bartenders or home use.

A review: “I’m a fast bartender who pops open hundreds of bottles a night…this thing is lightweight yet sturdy and super effective…if you bartend, you know how important it is to have a great bottle opener in your back pocket. I had purchased one a few months ago that went missing behind the bar, after trying tons of other ones, I reordered this one because it takes the caps off so easily….definitely want to buy one for all of the staff! Oh, and the colors are awesome too!”

Get yourself a Flat Bottle Opener here!

9. Sunglasses Bottle Opener

Protect your eyes from harmful rays of the sun while rocking fun and trendy pair of horn-rimmed sunglasses. These bottle opener sunglasses are equipped with a durable plastic lens and polycarbonate 100% UVA + UVB lenses. The metal bottle opener on the feet does not take away from the comfort of these shades.

A review: “Nice glasses. Dark lenses. Fits nicely. Only have to be cautious when first putting them on, since the bottle opener can catch on ears.”

Get yourself some Sunglasses Bottle Opener here!

8. Ninja Samurai Sword Bottle Opener

In the blink of an eye BOTTLE NINJA sneaks up on unsuspecting beverages, flips off their caps, and then once again slips into the night. Swiftly uncap your bottled beverages with this fun, stylish bottle opener. Made from stainless steel and silicone. Harness the power of the ninja for your next party.

A review: “The beetle is much shinier than it appears in the photo for the listing. It’s attractive enough that I can leave it on the table all the time – no more fishing a bottle opener out of the drawer and putting it away again. And it works quite well! Pops the cap right off a soda or beer, and without even bending it!”

Get yourself a Ninja Sword Bottle Opener here!

7. Pop-the-Top Bottle Opener

It may look like a magical decapitator bottle opener from the future, but it’s actually a super simple spring-loaded bottle opener that makes every bottle opening experience way more fun. This pushdown bottle opener’s easy-action, no wrist-twist design can turn you into an automatic bartender!

A review: “I saw this item from the crazy Russian hacker videos, and had to buy it. This is more like a novelty thing, but it actually works. This was supposed to be a gift for my brother-in-law but I kept it.”

Get yourself a Pop-the-Top Bottle Opener here!

6. Thanos Bottle Opener

Thanos Bottle Opener is the perfect gift for any Marvel fan; it’s a great novelty for using in a bar or at a party.

A Review: “Snapped my finger to a song I was playing and got up to get another drink. Open my fridge to see that half of my brews disappeared.”

Get yourself a Thanos Bottle Opener here!

5. Ace of Spades Bottle Opener

Poker creative fashion design, so that you become conspicuous, suitable for men and women to use. The bottle opener is the size of a credit card, which means you can keep it in your wallet and take it to the next party or anywhere, very portable.

A review: “Love it especially when you are with friends drinking a cold beer, and I take it out my wallet, and as soon as they see it they want one, so I have purchased this item over 15 times because when you get drunk, you end up giving it away.”

Get yourself some Ace of Spades Bottle Openers here!

4. Butterfly Knife Bottle Opener

Impress all of your friends and the next party with this butterfly knife-style action bottle opener! It is perfect for bartenders who want to put on a show! This practice model uses the same concept and design as traditional butterfly knives but contains a fun bottle opener instead of a dangerous blade. Great for novelty gifts and presents!

A review: “Loads of fun to play with while I’m on the couch. Works well. Paint does chip away a little bit from bottle caps, but not enough to bother me. I still somehow managed to hurt myself with it while twirling it many times. Make something idiot-proof, and the world makes better idiots, I suppose.”

Get yourself a Butterfly Knife Bottle Openers here!

3. Ring Bottle Opener

Let’s be the party star. Easy to open beer bottle by wearing this ring.

A review: “Really cool ring. High quality. It is made well, looks good, and works too. It’s made strong, so it won’t bend when used but smooth, so it is comfortable to wear.”

Get yourself a Ring Bottle Openers here!

2. Michael Scott Bottle Opener

Any The Office fans out there? This bottle opener is perfect for opening beer and starting conversations.

A review: “Great gift for a hardcore Office Fan. Has a magnet on the back so it can be put on a fridge or metal surface. It makes it a great conversation started when people see it.”

Get yourself a Michael Scott Bottle Openers here!

1. Cap Shooter Bottle Opener

It’s not a regular beer bottle opener – it’s a cap gun set that will help you have fun with your friends and family. An impressive cap gun set is a unique gift for everyone. This cap gun bottle opener is a super fun way to open bottles and have fun during any party.

A review: “Shooting a beer bottle cap into the trash bin is my boyfriend’s favorite way to end the workday and begin the evening; he got a kick out of this thing :).”

Get yourself a Cap Shooter Bottle Openers here!


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