6 Healthy Reasons to Drink Beer Every Day

6 Healthy Reasons to Drink Beer Every Day

Unfortunately, the healthy effect of beer stops after the first few items daily – for women after a beer – and more than 2-3 beers are decided unhealthily.

The content of healthy vitamins and minerals in beer is admittedly overlooked, although the B vitamins in a beer correspond to approx. 10 percent of daily needs. A beer also gives you about 3 percent of your daily need for folate and potassium.

However, beer contains, in particular, alcohol that is thought to make the blood less sticky and reduce the risk of elevated cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack.

Here are six healthy reasons to drink one to two beers daily:

1. Life Span

Researchers from Tel Aviv University’s Institute for Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology have discovered through tests of a kind of yeast that shares many important genetic similarities with humans that caffeine shortens and alcohol prolongs telomeres that, like the plastic end of a leash, protect the chromosomes from becoming dissolved.

The telomeres are shortened at each cell division and are therefore thought to be important for aging and cancer. 

2. Bones

Bones are constantly broken down and built up using two cell types – osteoclasts and osteoblasts. Beer contains a high content of the nutrient silicon, which is important for osteoblasts to bind calcium to the bones.

A regular beer contains about 7 milligrams of silicon, which corresponds to 22 percent of daily needs. A glass of wine contains only about 1 milligram.

In addition, moderate amounts of alcohol have been shown to reduce bone degradation. However, excessive amounts of alcohol have been shown to increase the risk of osteoporosis.

3. Kidney stones

A population survey of 27,000 male smokers made by the National Institutes of Health in Finland in 1998 found that beer reduced the risk of kidney stones. The more beer, the greater the reduction.

4. Heart attack

Researchers from Brigham and Woman’s Hospital and The Harvard School of Public Health have followed 1,818 men who had survived a heart attack up to 20 years ago. Every two years, participants reported on their health, and every four years they filled out a questionnaire about their diet, including about their alcohol consumption.

The 2012 survey showed that men who drank one or two glasses of beer or wine daily had a reduced risk of dying of 34 per cent. The risk of dying from cardiovascular disease was as much as 42 per cent. less. Participants in the study, who drank a little less than a daily drink, had 22 per cent. lower risk of dying.

5. Alzheimer’s

A moderate consumption of beer and other alcohol, according to an analysis of previous studies by Loyola University in Chicago in 2011, could reduce Alzheimer’s risk by up to 23 percent.

6. Gallstone

Studies by the Harvard School of Public Health in 1999 have shown a reduced risk of getting gallstones.

This and other studies seem to show that the more alcohol you drink, the less the risk. However, they also show that the risk is reduced only if you drink daily. Weekend printing does not help.

The researchers emphasize that the reduced risk of having gallstones is outweighed by a significantly increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Every fifth woman and every 10th man gets gallstones, which can develop very painfully.

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