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Big List Of DIY Drunk Jenga


Here is an extensive bad list of all the best-drunk Jenga drinking game ideas we could find on the internet and that we use personally. The key for all of the rules is as follows. This blog post emphasizes responsible alcohol consumption and does not encourage excessive drinking.

  • Tile Name – Tile Effects

The Must-Have Boring Staples of Drunk Jenga

  • Drink 1 – You take one drink or drink for one second
  • Drink 2 – You take two drinks or drink for two seconds
  • Drink 3 – You take three drinks or drink for three seconds
  • Give 1 – Make 1 person take a drink
  • Give 2 – Make 1 person take 2 drinks (You can split this between two people)
  • Give 3 – Make 1 person take 3 drinks (You can split this between three people)
  • Social – Everyone drinks
  • Suicide – Down your entire drink
  • Give and Redo – Give 1 drink and redo your turn
  • Take and Redo – Take a drink and redo your turn

Common Fun Staples of Drunk Jenga 

  • Waterfall – You start drinking starting with the player on the left. Players can’t stop drinking until the person on their respective left stops drinking.
  • Strip – Remove one article of clothing (include like 5 of these for a dirty Jenga game)
  • Strip Another – Choose one person, they must remove one article of clothing (include more of these for a dirty Jenga game)
  • Casanova – Kiss the person on your right.
  • Bottom’s Up – Everyone but you have to finish their drink.
  • Categories – Pick a category. Starting left, players must name objects/things in those categories for up to two minutes (your choice) Players must drink while they think
  • Impression – Pick a person. Make your best impression of them
  • Peer Pressure – Drink 1 for every person in the game.
  • Battle of the Sexes – The opposite gender must drink
  • Eye for an Eye – Every time you give a drink, you must take a drink
  • Mate – Pick one person, they drink whenever you drink, and you must drink when they have to drink
  • Beer Wench – You must fetch beers for whoever asks for one for the rest of the game
  • Make Rule – The player makes a rule. All players must adhere to this rule for the remainder of the game. (You can throw in multiple tiles like this for extra fun)
  • Truth or Dare – Pick either truth from the person to your left or a dare from the person to your right
  • Skip – Skip the next person’s turn
Drunk Jenga
Drunk Jenga – Disclaimer / Photo

Funny Drunk Jenga Ideas

  • Gary Coleman – The shortest player
  • Santa – The person next to you must sit on your lap for 2 turns
  • Hillbilly – Take off your shoes and socks for the remainder of the game
  • Bipolar – Insult one person and then compliment them
  • Scaredy Cat – Hide under the table for the rest of the game
  • Edward Scissorhands – Player must grab two knives (one in each hand) and play the remainder of the game with those knives instead of hands.
  • Kitten Mittens – Player must wear mittens or gloves for the remainder of the game
  • T-Rex – Player must play the remainder of the game with his hands at his sides bent as if he were a T-Rex
  • The Suspense is Killing Me – The next player must take a piece from the bottom row
  • Call Mom – Call your mother and tell her you to love her and then hang up
  • Kill A Vowel – If your last name ends with a vowel take a drink according to this A=1, E=2, I=3, O=4, U=5, Y=6
  • Cat Lady – All cat owners take a drink
  • Bodyguard – Pick someone. They must drink the first drink that is given to them every time.
  • Thirsty – Finish your drink. Then finish the drink of the person to the left of you.
  • Foot Massage – Give the person to your left a foot massage
  • Copy Cat – Cope and follow the instructions of the last tile drawn
  • Drill Instructor – Your job is now to motivate and critique every person when it’s their turn. Don’t be afraid to yell and be mean
  • Sportscaster – Your job is now to narrate every single thing that is happening during the game.

Extremely Unique Gamechanger Drinking Jenga Rules

  • Fortune Teller – Predict who the loser will be. If you are correct you may add one person for the end-game punishment (which is usually decided by the group)
  • The Ripple – Take as many drinks as you want. The Person Left and Right of you take that number of drinks plus one, the following left and rights take your number plus two, etc till you reach the last person.
  • Fast Forward – Players only have 7 seconds to perform their turn or must take a drink
  • Anchorman – Grab a new beer. Starting from the left each person can drink as much as they want and pass it on. You must finish the remainder of the beer when it returns to you.
  • The Rise and Fall – Drink 1. The person left of you can choose to drink 1 more or 1 less. If they choose to drink 1 more they can pass the drink on to the next person. This keeps going until someone chooses to drink 1 less. They then pass it on, and each person must drink 1 less than that until that number reaches back down to 0.
  • Chain-Mail – Give out one drink. That person can give out one drink to anyone. This goes on until someone gives you a drink.
  • Revenge – Every time you give out a drink add 1 to it. You may only give out drinks to people who have given you a drink before you drew this tile.
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors – Everyone plays 1 round of rock-paper-scissors at the same time. Drink 1 for every person that beats you. Everyone who ties with you gives out 1 drink. Everyone that loses takes 1 drink.
  • Free Pass Card – Take this tile and keep it. You can choose this tile at any point throughout the game and place it on top of the tower instead of going.

These are some of the most outstanding DIY-drunk Jenga rules we’ve encountered. Make sure you incorporate some of these ideas into your DIY drunk Jenga game. We hope you have fun!

Or if you’re feeling a bit lazy to build your tower, you can always check out some great premade Jenga drinking games over here.


Please remember to drink responsibly! This post isn’t meant to make you sick due to the over-consumption of alcohol. PartyPingo does not encourage irresponsible drinking of any kind. Stay safe, everyone!

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