How to make your own Wine Cellar
How to make your own Wine Cellar - Disclaimer / Pexels

How to make your own Wine Cellar

How to make your own Wine Cellar

Having your own wine cellar has become very modern, and we understand very well why. How cool is it not just to be able to go down to your own cellar and pick up a delicious wine from your own personal selection? Thus, you always have something to offer your guests, or if you feel like a glass of wine. But, of course, it requires that you are happy with wine before a wine cellar is a good idea because it involves a lot of time and resources to acquire one.

However, many will think that it is worth it all. If you are considering dedicating your cellar to delicious wines, or perhaps just some of them, we have made a guide below so you get off to a good start and get the very best out of it.

Things to consider before making a wine cellar

It is essential that before you start, you have made considerations about whether you want a wine cellar. Is it a wish you have and something you want to be happy with for many years, or is it just an idea you find exciting now and here? It would at least be a shame to build a wine cellar and then regret it, and you end up wanting something else in the cellar a few years later. But we understand well why you can be in doubt because you can rebuild your basement into many fun things—limited only by imagination. Maybe there is also disagreement about what the basement should be built for, so it should also be discussed with them if there are others in the household. However, if you are very fond of wine and think that a wine cellar would be the thing, we certainly also understand why you want your own wine cellar.

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Climate management and budget

Once the decision on a wine cellar has been made, the considerations about what it should look like can begin. Here, too, there are a lot of options. It would be best if you first considered how much it should fill. Is it the whole cellar that needs to be redone, or is it just a single room that stores the wine? You can also combine the cellar to become a wine cellar, and some of it becomes something completely different. You have to keep in mind that you have to have climate control installed in a wine cellar, and that wine has to be stored quite cold. Before installing climate control, it is essential to have insulation. Otherwise, it will be an even more expensive pleasure.

Next, it would be wise to make a budget. Consider how much money you want to spend with yourself and your household on this project. It is often not an utterly cheap pleasure. This needs to be taken into account before you start.

How to make your own Wine Cellar
How to make your own Wine Cellar – Disclaimer / Pexels

When building a wine cellar

Now that the project has had its first considerations, one can consider how it should be built and then decorated. You have to decide if you want to build it yourself or if you want to pay for it and get others to do it. One can hire someone to make the decor for one. They are specialists in seeing the possibilities and work as interior design consultants for everyday life, which is a clear advantage. Especially if you cannot see the opportunities for yourself, you can find them in this article. You can also sit and design online on the website to see it in a 3D version.


A wine cellar, of course, requires that you have storage for your wines. It can either be on shelves, small built-in compartments in the wall, or specific furniture designed to store wines such as you. Find here. You can also get this installed yourself, but you can also pay for it here by having someone install what you have now chosen to be in the wine cellar. So again, there is a sea of options to choose from regarding how you want to store the wines. Just as many opportunities there are, there are just as many countless great results.

What wines should be in my wine cellar?

When you have reached the point where the wine cellar itself is finished, and now only the wines are needed to fill the many spaces, there is not a long way to go before it is all finished, and you can enjoy your wine cellar. This point is critical because it is now time to choose which wines you want to have to lie in your very own wine cellar. Maybe you have a single or two favorite wines, but you can also not just fill all the seats with this particular wine. Depending on how extensive the wine cellar is, there is usually room for many wines. Therefore, it would be good to go on a wine tasting before buying large. That way, you can select your favorite wines. It is also a good idea to have different wines, so you have something for every taste and thus every guest. You can also expand your horizons with a wine tasting.

It is cheaper to buy wines abroad so that it can be recommended as well. Moreover, many who go up in wine have most often collected on them for several years. Thus, you have a lot of different already, so you do not have to buy very many simultaneously. This could also be a brilliant idea if one plans to build a wine cellar further out.

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Storage of wines in a wine cellar

It is important to remember that there must be specific storage of the wines to achieve the best shelf life. The humidity is essential to have in order, and there should be a humidity of about 50-80 percent. You can buy humidifiers to set to the proper moisture in the room. In addition, temperature also plays a significant role. It should be at about 10-16 degrees and should preferably be constant at all times. It is, of course, a matter of taste whether you want your wine for the colder or warmer side. However, it must be the same temperature all the time.

How to make your own Wine Cellar1
How to make your own Wine Cellar – Disclaimer / Pexels

This is what the experts say.

However, several experts believe that the right temperature, regardless of the type of wine in question, is 12 degrees. UV lighting should be avoided, and the wine cellar should preferably be insulated from UV rays. Therefore, the light in the basement must be LED lamps, as this is the only form of lighting that does not emit UV. Candles even emit this too. If the wines get too much UV, their shelf life can be shortened. This is because they age faster by UV light. Remember always to store wine lying down, as otherwise, the cork can dry out.

Storage temperature and serving temperature

It is essential to point out that there is a difference between storage temperature and serving temperature. The storage temperature is a few degrees colder, and therefore it would be wise to have a wine refrigerator where you store the wines you want to start quickly. The serving temperature for light and sweeter wine is 14-16 degrees, whereas a more robust wine should be around 16-17 degrees. Even though it’s a few degrees, it’s about; it still plays a significant role. The experience will also be much better if the wine has been stored correctly and has the right temperature.

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Combine wine cellar with other things

Because it is called a wine cellar, it does not necessarily have to be located in the cellar. However, it is most often seen that the basement is dedicated to this. Therefore, it may be smart to combine it with something else. If, for example. Has several rooms in the cellar, and one has become a wine cellar; you can advantageously turn the other rooms into something else fun. Then, quite obvious it would be to make a home bar. Then you can pick up wine from your own warehouse in the wine cellar, which you can take with you to your very own home bar. If you want to make one like this, we have created an article here:

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Other options?

However, there are also a lot of other fun options. You can, for example, make a home cinema or a game room. The possibilities are many, but it requires climate control that only takes place in the wine cellar. Otherwise, it will be a very cold home theater if there is that temperature throughout the basement.

In the end, all that remains is to say is to have fun with the project. We are sure that the result will be mega delicious and that you will be so happy about it!


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