Mojito is a refreshing drink with white rum
Mojito is a refreshing drink with white rum


About the Cocktail

For lots of people the mojito represents the perfect rumcocktail. The drink origin can be tracked all the way to Cuba and the 16. century cuban cocktail El Draque, named after Sir Francis Drake. Because of that almost all of ingredients you use to make Mojito comes from Cuba. Rum, lime, spearmint and sugar mix with sparklingswater to create a refreshing classic cocktail.

Do you like cocktails with a literature references? You’re in luck. Mojito is one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite.

Mojito is traditionally served in a highball glass with lots of ice and it’s no wonder why the drink is a associated with summer and good weather.

While this drink is a bit more time-consuming than other cocktails, because of the need to muddle the lime and the spearmint, the endresult is ever so satisfying and can be enjoying at any given time through-out the year.

Ingredients in a Mojito Cocktail

  • 6 spearmint leaves
  • 20 ml Sugar Syrup (Learn how to make it here!)
  • 20 ml fresh lime juice
  • 45 ml white rum
  • 45 ml sparkling water
  • Lots of ice

You need


  1. Start off by crushing the ice. It’s easiest done by rapping it in a cloth and hitting it with a hammer or similar object.
  2. Add the crushed ice.
  3. Pour the lime juice in the glass
  4. Put in the mint and muddle it.
  5. Add rum and the syrup. Stir!
  6. Add the sparkling water and stir one last time and serve.

Do you have another way to make a Mojito? Leave a comment in the bottom.


Please remember to drink responsibly! This post isn’t meant to make you sick due to the over-consumption of alcohol. PartyPingo does not encourage irresponsible drinking of any kind. Stay safe, everyone!

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