Calories in Drinks
Calories in Drinks
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So many Calories is in your Drink

So many Calories is in Your Drink.

There is sugar in cola – so much, you know. But what about everything else (unhealthy) you drink?

Calories drinks

Sweet drinks

Soda water is full of sugar – not the big surprise there! This means that in soda water, there are about 40 calories per day. 100 grams. If you choose a sugar-free variant, there are 0 calories in the glass.

More surprisingly, it is perhaps for some that orange juice and apple juice contain even more calories than soda – about 45 a pound. 100 grams. Here, however, you get a dose of vitamins in the bargain.

About the same number of calories can be found in the Redbull energy drink.

Sweet Drinks Calories

Hot drinks

If you drink your coffee or tea without milk or sugar, you will not get any calories inboard. But both milk and sugar contain some calories, so depending on what kind and how much you fill, it starts to count in the calorie count.

For example, a latte made on skim milk contains 26 calories per day. 100 grams, while a whole milk variant runs up to 48.

Hot cocoa, however, is the big ‘hot’ culprit with up to 60 calories per day. 100 grams – and that number rises only if you top it with whipped cream.

Alcoholic drinks

Alcohol Feder. You’ve probably heard that before – and for a good reason.

But did you know that white wine is the ‘heaviest’ purely calorie with 80 calories per 100 grams? Red wine has 75. However, you often drink this in smaller quantities than, for example, beer and drinks, where you can quickly rinse a lot.

And how many calories do they contain? An ordinary pilsner is about 38 calories per 100 grams, while a gin and tonic run up to 76.

Also, beware of the sweet, alcoholic cider drinks. A Somersby has 63 calories per day. 100 grams. Cheers!


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