7 Things you can only get away with at a Festival
7 Things you can only get away with at a Festival - Disclaimer / Photo by Vishnu R Nair

7 Things you can only get away with at a Festival

7 Things you can only get away with at a Festival

When you buy a ticket to a Festival, you also buy yourself into an extraordinary community where boundaries and barriers are broken.

‘What happens at a Festival, stays at a Festival.’ Yes, the saying goes, no matter how clichĂ© it sounds. And it’s all perfect. Because that means that people dare to let go and get rid of ‘The Festival Feeling.’

And that’s why it’s also a party to be at a Festival – whether you’re in front of the Musician Scene, wandering across the campsite, or playing beer bowling in one of the many camping areas at the festival.

1. Not taking a bath

Daily, you probably go into a lot of proper body hygiene. For example, you take a bath daily, use deodorant, and maybe even a squirt of perfume on festive occasions.

But your standard of hygiene drops drastically from the moment you hit the last peg in the field and open your first lukewarm can of beer for the festival. So, for now, the party, fish, and trouble are in focus. And so a trip under the cold shower must come in the back of the queue.

In turn, it doesn’t matter. Everyone else hasn’t been in the bath either – or at least kept it to a minimum. Maybe they just took a dip in Lake Bath (also known as ‘shit lake’). For hygiene, a city in Russia (unmistakably far away) is when you sit with your hangover in a camping chair and want to do nothing.

2. Eating canned food

Canned mackerel, canned liver pâté, and home-baked sausage horns are just some of the things that belong to the original festival set. Initially, you probably also have rye bread for dipping, but in a hot tent, the bread does not last long, so it has to stand on raw mackerel for the last part of the week.

Therefore, consuming the fish directly from the can is also perfectly acceptable. It also saves on packaging, which is entirely in line with the sustainability course that Roskilde Festival has launched.

3. Forgetting about problems in the world

It’s summer vacation, and there is no shit happening anyway. Now the British are out of the EU, so next month will most likely only be about the European Championships and the Tour de France.

So you do not need to use your precious volt (a mobile charger you can carry in your bag) to check tv2.dk every other moment. If Nikita Klæstrup dyes her hair blue or Linse Kessler gets smaller breasts… again, then the gossip siren among the guests will probably go anyway.

4. Dress up in costume or weird outfits

Animal costumes are a hit at Roskilde Festival. Or at least some think so – and that’s just fine. Because there is someplace in the world where our behavior is still as animalistic and primal as it can be, it is at Roskilde Festival.

Therefore, a guy in a Pikachu costume is in the process of suffocating a beer bong is in no way an unusual sight, which is why one probably hardly notices it. So go party-crazy in wild costumes.

5. Borrowing a friend’s toothbrush

At Roskilde Festival, you wear the yes hat. And you help each other. Nothing too small, nothing too significant. That is why it is also at Roskilde Festival that you can indulge in pretty much everything. Right from the sleeping bag to beer and even a toothbrush if you forgot your own home on the sink.

The probability that you will all mix the bacteria and oral secretions sooner or later during the eight days of the festival is relatively high anyway.

6. Eating junk food

You know, it’s unhealthy to smoke, drink a hell of a lot of beer and eat french fries day in and day out. But at Roskilde Festival, you are welcome to give in.

It is not impossible, but your Roskilde Festival life will undoubtedly be more difficult if you only plan to make a living from palæo at the festival… Not to mention that you will get hurt in your wallet.

Therefore, you can kindly toss a Ski Burger for breakfast, a round of nachos with lots of melted cheese for lunch, and a Meyers Pork Roast sandwich for dinner… and then a two-three toast for night food.

But it’s okay because even the marathon runners are present at the festival. And they have capitulated and smeared deep-fried spring rolls and giant kebabs at the time of writing.

7. Peeing in public

Okay, this one may not be 100 percent accepted among all festival-goers. But the fact is, you do not always feel like you have a choice when you suddenly have to pee the minute before your favorite band goes on. Therefore, the situation may arise that you will have to pee in what mugs at your feet.

And so it’s okay if the alternative is to pee in your pants while squeezing your way through the crowd to reach the toilet. But, if you’re a fool, you’re throwing it at the audience (it happens more often than you think), and it’s by no means okay.


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