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Drop Shot Interview


We’ve got our hands on yet another drinking game! The game is called Drop Shot and is fucking nerve-wracking and hilarious. We’ve talked with Mat, who’s the founder of Drop Shot and has agreed to do an interview with us.

“Seeing people enjoy the game is by far the best thing.”

The game broken down

If you haven’t watched the video, do that now… You can also check out their Instagram @dropshotthegame. In the creator’s own words the idea of the game is: “It’s a Russian roulette of sort shot game. You fill the cup up, roll the dice to see how many times to turn the handles, then on a random trigger, the shot will release down the tube and into the players’ mouths!

Drop Shot: The Game

The guys behind

Behind the purple shots-dropping machine is our guy Mat, who invented the game and has built the brand from the ground up! He got the idea back in late 2016 and started working on it in 2017. In the beginning, Mat was struggling with gears that could catapult the drink, having a sturdy bottle that did not have the lid fly off and soak everyone. “Must have made around 10-15 different versions!” he says, but after one year of hard work he finished and launched his product “Drop Shot”.

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Mat was inspired from a similar game, you might now it? it involves cream and your face. (see below)

From Pie to Die!!

Mat was playing this well-known family game at a friend’s New Year’s house party, where they had the person that got a pie to the face take a shot as well. He thought it would be a great idea to cut out the “middleman” meaning the cream and just take the horrible shot lined up. “The suspense was the best part and the shot we poured was disgusting, so definitely did not want it!”, Mat says.

Not all can handle Drop Shot

Running a drinking game company you are going to experience some funny things, and in this case someone who can talk the talk, “Seeing people say that they will do that shot no problem and failing, one guy did a mix of vodka and whiskey and was saying it was not going to be tough to do it, and filled the cup quite high, then I guess karma got him as it triggered on his turn and less than a second after hitting his mouth he pulled away leaving a big puddle on the floor.”

“The suspense was the best part and the shot we poured was disgusting, so definitely did not want it!”

Drop Shot in the future

Mat is all about people enjoying the game and having a good time. But besides from that, he tells us that the biggest issues at the moment have been to get great content, that’s why they will soon be offering people money if we use their video on our social media. Win fucking win!

Go check out Drop Shot, get your game and share your experiences!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dropshotthegame/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dropshotgame/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dropshotgame
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ6FqgtO_lqEhjimMrmZXeQ


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