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Pong Gone Wrong Drinking Game Interview

Beer Pong meets Truth or Dare!

Pong Gone Wrong

Think Pong meets Truth or Dare!

Dakota (Founder of Pong Gone Wrong) was at a networking event in NYC that was super boring and poorly attended. In an effort to save the night from utter monotony, he snatched the name tags off the check in table and started writing outrageous commands and nicknames on them. He then pasted them onto unsuspecting guest’s cups – and hilarity ensued. Blending this element of surprise with beer pong was a natural marriage from there.

The funniest experience had to be explaining how our game worked to our 87 year old grandpa – he’s not much of a beer drinker but he was definitely curious what the hell twerking was. 

The Game

This is traditional beer pong, but with cards under each cup with challenges, as Dakota himself says it: “Outrageous sabotage cards hide under beer pong cups, and with each made shot, a new assignment is revealed!”

To learn all about the game and how it works go here!

The Pong Gone Wrong Crew

The driving force behind Pong Gone Wrong are the cousins Adam and Dakota. They started their journey 6 month ago when they (over a beer of cause!) came up with the idea. Since then they been developing hilarious cards for the game and have been collaborating with an artist to create the cards. After a successful Kickstarter they are now shipping in America and Canada!

We asked Dakota what he loves the most about having a business that focuses on selling a unique drinking game: “My favorite thing is that we can have a direct impact on creating awesome memories for people. The crazy stories you and your friends fondly look back on – we want to help make more of them.”

Pong Gone Wrong drinking game
Pong Gone Wrong – Drinking Game!

Grandpa learns about twerking

Drinking game companies always tend to have some awesome stories, so naturally we asked the guys if they wanted to share one. “The funniest experience had to be explaining how our game worked to our 87 year old grandpa – he’s not much of a beer drinker but he was definitely curious what the hell twerking was.”

Pong Gone Wrong in the future

Pong Gone Wrong are currently working on some epic expansion packs for the game!
The guys told us, that the most important thing for them right now, is getting their game into as many hands as possible; so we all can have a ton of hilarious nights, too! And we’re sure they will!!

Check out Pong Gone Wrong on Facebook and Instagram.

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1 Comment

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